What Are the Building Designs that We Find the Most Appealing?

What are the Building Designs We Find Most Appealing?

A country’s architecture can reveal so much about its rich history and how it has developed and evolved over time.

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It might not seem like much, but not only is architecture needed on a practical level for the sake of having structural uses, but they also capture memories and moments in time, and can even contribute to a citizen’s national identity.

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If you haven’t ever taken a holiday especially to go and see historical places and to appreciate the designs of buildings, then it might be time to book a trip! The good thing is that they are scattered all across the globe, so the choices are endless. But we think that the architectural design in Canada is particularly impressive, with monumental and memorable buildings all across the country.

Whether you want to take a road trip to a specific country or make stops along some major cities, it’s worth penning in some historical buildings to see in person. Keep reading below to read about some of the building designs we find the most appealing and that we think you should check out as well!

Photo by Paulina Milde-Jachowska on Unsplash


Given how vast the country is, if you’re planning a trip to Canada any time soon, then there is a plethora of building designs we think are worth stopping for.

  1. Province House

If you’re a bit of a history fanatic, then Province House will be a real treat for you. Dating back to 1844, this historical building is one of the most famous locations in all of Canada. It is located on Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown and features a Roman/Greek revival architectural style, something we think never goes out of style.

  1. Habitat 67

Just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that qualifies for an architectural appeal. Habitat 67 is also a must-see location which was built in the city of Montreal in 1967, specifically for the World’s Fair. We can’t get enough of its modern and unique design, giving it a futuristic look well ahead of the 60s.

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  1. Gooderham Building

If you want to experience stepping into a little corner of Hogwarts, then Gooderham Building looks just like that. As if its iconic red brick design wasn’t noticeable enough, the world-famous, five-story structure is hard to miss. The stained glass windows also add to its fairytale effect, and it’s a pocket of joy in the middle of the city.

The United Kingdom

Another historically rich location, the UK is also filled with iconic landmarks that no high-definition TV or computer can truly do justice to until you see it in person.

  1. Westminster Abbey

Over 700 years old, Westminster Abbey is worth seeing just for its age! It is still in use even today, with the King’s coronation set to take place there in March 2023. This particular building features a blend of architectural designs giving it a distinct look. It is most commonly described as being part of the Gothic style of architecture, a style that was first popular in late 12th-century Europe. Rose-tinted windows, pointed arches, and the geometrically proportionate structure are all features of the quintessential Gothic style.

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  1. St Paul’s Cathedral

It goes without saying, but there’s no way the list can be complete without mentioning St Paul’s and considering it took about 35 years to build, we say it has earned its spot. The version that we know and love was started in 1675 and wasn’t completed until 1710 after the Great Fire of London. The timeless dome follows the Baroque style and is heavily influenced by Rome’s St Basilica, but no matter how much you look at it, it truly never gets old.


On the other side of the map, Japan is also a country rich with architectural history and designs that are unique like no other, with the most popular style being known as ‘Wayo Kenchiku’, which is featured in a lot of Japanese architecture today.

  1. Osaka Castle

Considered to be the epitome of Japanese architecture and featuring the ‘Nihon Kenchicku’ style, Osaka Castle is definitely worth your time. As if being elevated on a solid stone foundation wasn’t impressive enough, the timber superstructure leaves you wondering how it is still looking as majestic as it did in 1583.

Image by Hasan Erekat from Pixabay
  1. Byodo-In Temple

Another historical masterpiece, the Byodo-In temple, was built in the 10th century and is considered to be one of the most classic examples of the Buddhist Pure Land style of architecture. Even more significant is the fact that it is one of Japan’s World Heritage Sites, and the scenic pond around the Temple is something to marvel at in itself. 


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