What are the current trends in furniture?

Trends are usually focused on what society requires at the time. Individuals want to be welcomed by the modern furniture trends, fabrics, and lighting they interact with daily as they recover from global health crises and economic strain.

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Many of our homes have received more love, attention, care, and introspection in the last few months than in the previous years combined.

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The year 2021 taught us the value of our home. We have seen our homes transform into offices, entertainment zones, and the most secure and comfortable space in the entire universe as we spend most of our time indoors. Given the current state of the pandemic, it is clear that we will spend the majority of 2022 in our homes, away from the crowd. 

So here we are with some of the current modern furniture trends for 2022 that can transform your home into a relaxing haven. They are thoughtful and multifunctional, allowing you to create a clutter-free space to spend the rest of the year in ecstasy and comfort. So, without further ado, let’s look at what’s hot in the modern furniture trends.

Top Modern Furniture Trends 2022

Let’s jump on to the top 5 modern furniture trends:

·        A curved furniture

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Nowadays, you can notice that curved furniture is becoming more popular. A piece of curved furniture is inspired by nature, is simple, and naturally draws the eye through a room with smooth lines and a calming effect. Curves are more playful and fun than static, straight lines.

Many of the top 2022 modern furniture trends are similar to those in the previous two years. According to Pinterest, the curved appeal is the top interior design trend for 2022.

For decades, the straight lines advocated by twentieth-century modernism were the norm. Still, many designers are now proposing an alternative aesthetic that is curvilinear and appealingly easy on the eye.

·        The multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture is a global trend in 2022. The use of folding and easy-to-clean furniture is currently widespread in Europe. Are you living in small apartments or moving somewhere and have the desire to rearrange? Multifunctional furniture will be helpful.

A table that you can extend, a bed that you can convert into a sofa or a table with one or two manipulations, and a TV panel that you can convert into a workspace; all of these trends are responsible not only for making your home cozy and uncluttered but also for living a comfortable life.

As prefabricated furniture and compact individual elements, these types of furniture are already in demand. They are easily adaptable to different room sizes and requirements.

·        Vintage style furniture

Vintage has been popular for many years. The combination of classic furniture with modern materials and textures adds to the interior’s beauty. Incorporating some of the characteristics of the boho style into living rooms is a novel feature.

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The Seventies are making a comeback in fashionable homes all over the world. Interior designers from the UK to the US declare that the era has returned significantly.

Vintage furniture styles include retro-style furniture, antique cabinets, and auction materials, and people will continue to use retro styles for their interior decors.

The seventies were comfortable, relaxed, and had a happy vibe. And nowadays, people are attempting to recreate that feeling in their own homes, especially with the pandemic changing the way we live entirely. As a result, you should consider the 2022 modern furniture trends.

·        Leather furniture

In 2022, textiles will revert to a classic. Leather, whether real or faux, can elevate any interior instantly. It’s an inviting fabric for living rooms and bedroom trends. Allow your leather to shine in its natural color or make a bold statement with a bright color. Contrast the fabric with soft accents or textured scatter pillows.

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Leather will add a luxurious touch to refined and restrained interiors, moving away from maximalist styles. This natural material will look equally at home in minimalist and organic settings. As a result, this addition will add warmth to styles that might otherwise feel cold or unwelcoming.

·        Sustainable accents

In 2022, green or sustainable furniture is and will be on-trend due to environmental concerns. More and more people are attempting to incorporate as much of the outdoors as possible into their interior designs to compensate for the lack of time spent outside and highlight nature’s beauty.

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Sustainable materials are becoming more popular for durable furniture designs that do not harm the environment. The most preferred materials over synthetic are solid wood, jute, rattan, cane, and bamboo. Natural materials’ warmth makes you feel cozier and more connected to nature.


Hope you liked reading about modern furniture trends 2022. If you are planning to change old pieces of furniture and buy a new one, then you should also check out EQ3 for more interior design trends.


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