What Do Irish Buyers Look for in a Home?

When house hunting, what do Irish buyers look for in a house? What are things important in terms of comfort and style? Last year there were approximately 25,000 homes sold, sparking an increase of 18%, 3.6 % more than the previous year.

More people are settling down and buying their first homes. No matter if you want a warm, cozy cottage or a fortress built in the style of the old castles, you are sure to find your ideal place to call home. Here are a few features Irish people want in their dream home.

The Hearth:

Traditionally, this is a must-have in an Irish home. Fireplaces are a focal point and were used not only to keep warm in the winter but were also used for cooking in the old days. Coming home after a long day, you could expect a friendly, cozy fire and a hot meal waiting for you.

A pot of stew or a hot cup of tea would warm you instantly. This is the image of the hearth. It invokes feelings of stability and strength while providing comfort and nurturing. You will find the old wood-burning fireplaces in many older homes, while newer ones may opt for more energy-efficient gas or free-standing pellet stoves.

Floor Plan: Open and Inviting

An open floor plan is a much sought-after feature since more families spend a majority of their time gathered in the kitchen preparing a meal, or sitting close to a warm fire on cold nights.

People today seek lots of space and areas that can serve more than one purpose. An open floor plan allows for more creative use of the space. Some rooms double as a sitting room and an entertainment area.

Another benefit of the open floor plan is that there is more room for people and things. If you have little ones around, it’s easier to supervise them while cooking or doing household chores with fewer places and closed off areas.

You can attend to the things you need to while still able to see what they’re up to. That’s a definite plus for mums with small children.

Modern Decor

Panelled walls add depth and richness with a wood finish, available in a variety of colors. More modern home designers are moving away from bare, white walls and bringing in wood and texture and combining it with soft pastel accent colors. This trend is becoming very popular, and we should see it continue.

Trim, Wainscoting, and Color Matching

The new colors are soft, warm neutrals and pastel peach and rose. Sage green goes well with a peach for a lovely contrast. The colors give more versatility in terms of primary and accent colors and integrate with some bolder shades and textures.

Wainscoting is a design technique of putting panelling or texturing a wall only halfway with an accent trim divider. It is an ancient style, but still very classic and stylish.

Home is where your family is and where you feel the most comfortable. It is the most important purchase you make in your lifetime. For such an investment in your future, don’t forget to protect your assets with a reliable home insurance policy. Insurance protects you from loss or damage to property from fire, smoke, and in cases of theft.


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