What Do You Need For Mobile Game Development?

Today, it is absolutely possible for any technically gifted person to become the author of their own mobile application – there are all the necessary technologies for this. So, almost alone, you can create a game using the Unity or Unreal Engine.

here are Game Asset stores where you can buy models, textures and animations. All this is available in mobile game development company. For example, a pack of models can be bought for $ 30-60. “However, alone, without being part of a firm, you will spend a lot more time doing research, content creation, customization. No matter how talented a person is, there are only 24 hours in a day. On average, no one can devote more than 12-16 hours to work, while a company at the same time can allocate more people and make more content, this content will be better and of higher quality, plus there are resources to conduct analysis that the market needs now. “

What Are The Different Types Of Mobile Games?

There are game genres out there that just aren’t designed for mobile. For example, first-person shooters, in which everything depends on control – no one would argue that all the virtual buttons and joysticks necessary for a shooter are difficult to place on a not too large touchscreen.

At the same time, there are other examples – games that feel quite comfortable on mobile devices. From genres conveniently settled on touch screens, you can make a whole list.

What Are The Platforms Used for Mobile Game Development?

Many people dream of creating their own game. But before you start developing it, you need to decide on the game engine, of which there are many.

What is a game engine? In short, it is a set of systems that simplify the most commonly used functions of the mobile game development company Kevurugames. You can, of course, write an engine from scratch yourself, but it will take an unreasonably long time. Every game app development company in it’s work uses professional approach. By comparing their capabilities, you can choose the one that suits you best and create your next big hit.

What Makes a Mobile Game Successful

It is difficult to achieve real success in building applications. Standing out from the crowd isn’t easy: there are thousands of offers on the App Store. They all vie for attention, offering something new or an improved old one! So how do you create a successful iOS app?

Strong competitive pressure is forcing developers to keep prices down to a minimum for mobile game apps development. With such numbers, it is difficult to achieve payback. 77% of all apps are sold for less than $ 1.99 or are given away for free.

Keep in mind that there will be many competitors. Their number is terrifying. But statistics show that the App Store market is growing rapidly. To be successful, you need to develop a smart strategy.

Process of Turning Your Mobile Game Development Idea Into Reality

In a highly competitive environment, developers need to come up with more exciting and innovative games, which also affects the demands of an audience that wants more and does not accept what happened yesterday. Every day, new popular games appear in mobile stores that are taking the top of the charts.

Analytics is not always part of the mobile app development process in https://kevurugames.com/. It happens that clients independently perform business analysis of an application, or come with a ready-made list of requirements. But those applications that have passed this stage from the developer company win – it is analytics that helps the business and developers achieve a common vision, and based on this, reassess the required work and get a detailed project budget.

Sometimes clients come with a ready-made design for mobile gaming app development. If the customer does not have a design, we create UI / UX from scratch. When the analyst gives the designer the basis of the graphical interface, the wireframes, we start visual design. We draw a map of screens, graphic elements, a detailed prototype, taking into account various use cases.

Development of applications for mobile devices consists of several stages. If the client does not have ready-made documentation, the first stage begins with writing a detailed technical assignment and a concept document, in which all the nuances of the future project are agreed. After preparing prototypes of all screens, the artists work out the design and interface (UX / UI). And only after agreeing on all design edits, the stage begins – programming. After drawing up a roadmap for the project, a game engine is selected, the architecture of the project, server, database device and administrative panel are built for flexible management.

Modern capabilities allow you to professionally develop projects written in:

  • Unity 3D / C #.
  • Unreal Engine 4 / C ++.
  • Android Studio.
  • Swift (iPhone).
  • React Native.
  • WebGL.

Choosing a programming language and game engine specifically for your project, taking into account all the nuances and functionality, as well as the possibility of expanding the project in the future is not an easy task, but an experienced developer can easily cope with it and select the right solution.

If you are just thinking about creating your own game, but have not yet decided which direction, type and genre of the game to choose, we will show you current trends with examples of implementation and the full life cycle of different projects. If you are in doubt and are not sure that it is your idea that will be able to break through among the giants of the market, seek advice from specialists.

Do Your ‘Research’ for Mobile Game Development

Mobile app development is not easy. There is no such “One-two, and it’s done” scheme. Many stages can intersect with each other or run in parallel. It took Instagram more than three years to become a convenient and loved application by millions. And they still continue to make improvements and add new features. Before fantasizing about where you will invest from selling your application to an IT giant like Google, get ready – there will be a lot of work.


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