What Do You Need To Keep In Your Garage?

Your garage is your secondary storage space. However, you need to be sure about what you should store in it. You should put only your car essentials in there. Here are some things you need to keep in your garage.

Jack Stands

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If you need to do repairs under your vehicle, you’ll need enough clearance to freely bend your elbows and move your arms. You need that much space when you’re using tools to check, remove, and install vehicle components. Thus, you’ll need a jack stand to suspend your vehicle to a position that’s high enough for you. Besides, if you wriggle your back, that gives you so much stress. 

Only jack stands can get your vehicle at a safe position into the air. The ideal jack stand is capable of handling at least 1,000 pounds of the weight of your car. Also, make sure that you follow some safety rules for using your jack stands, you’ll be fine. The most important thing is that you don’t overpay for what it can handle.


You use a car creeper trolley when you want to gain access to your car’s underside. You’ll need this when performing inspection and maintenance. The creeper has a low profile and has a wheeled frame with a platform that you can lie on. Some creepers are foldable into chairs. This can help you use them depending on your position.

If you’re young, then you won’t have any problem getting on your knees in gaining access to the underside of your car. However, when you’re much older, you’ll realize it’s that easy. Also, even if you’re young, the constant movement of going under your vehicle will take a toll on your back.

Portable Tire Inflators

Another must-have tool in your garage is your portable tire inflator. Portable tire inflators are useful for pumping up your spare tire after a breakdown. This is also useful when you’re adjusting your tire pressure a little depending on road conditions. 

There are canned tire inflators that can give your car a temporary boost during a flat tire. Most canned tire inflators have solvents to make the sealant and the rubber tire adhere to each other. An inflator also has a sealant that provides a temporary seal to the puncture. The equipment also contains propellants that give the sealant a push towards the interior of the tire and inflates it.

Portable Air Compressors

An air compressor brings power to the car’s air conditioning system. It is a pumping device attached to the car engine through a belt assembly. The air compressor compresses and allows the circulation of the refrigerant gas through the A/C system of your vehicle. There are portable air compressors that can allow you to use powerful air tools for any DIY project that you may have. If you have questions about these portable air compressors, find the answer on Aircompressors.reviews.

Air conditioning was one of the greatest inventions during the car’s first appearance. This made life easier for people, especially during the humid and warm summer months. The air compressor makes the entire air conditioning system possible for the car. If your air conditioner fails to give you the coolness that you’re expecting, that’s could be because of a low refrigerant supply. Sometimes there’s also leaking fluid and strange noises. In that case, you need to have the compressor checked.

Other Useful Tools

You should have a tool chest in your garage where you keep all your most important car tools. These include screwdrivers, wrenches, and sockets. You should have plastic drawers for screws, nuts, and bolts. You should have hooks attached to a pegboard for some oversized items. There should also be power tools on metal shelves. One power tool that you’ll need in a deep-freezing climate is lithium batteries. 

Common two car garage in a modern suburban home.

Other tools you might need include a car jump starter. This is useful if your car loses power or if it encounters mechanical issues. You should also have a LED flashlight to help you in case of a breakdown in the dark. You should also have duct tape as part of your emergency kit. Lastly, you must have a car escape tool that can get you out of safety during a car accident.

Some Final Words

If you got a garage, you shouldn’t store anything dangerous in it. Thus, if you’re keeping gasoline, keep it in approved containers. Seal propane tanks well, and be careful with things that can attract bugs or rodents. You have a garage so that your car will stay safe.


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