What is Temperature-Controlled Freight Shipping?

Temperature-controlled freight shipping is used for foods, medications, and chemicals that require a limited range of temperature exposure.

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Generally, the products that require temperature control may need to be kept at or near freezing and require cooling. However, reefer trucks may also be needed to keep things warmer than exterior temperatures.

Product Protection

As explained by the experts at Hale Trailer, refrigerated trailers for sale are available in a wide variety of sizes and offer many access options. When planning out your shipping process, make sure you carefully review the interior dimensions to better plan your layout and access. A cold truck will likely have a higher level of humidity than can be found in a standard dry trailer, so packaging considerations to reduce the impact of that humidity will need to be managed by the manufacturer or producer.

Consider a Temperature Controlled Dock

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Moving a product from a refrigerated storage container to a truck could be risky if the dock is not also protected. Keeping things cold means keeping things fresh; allowing the temperature to warm up and then cooling the product back down can lead to spoilage.

The responsibility of keeping doors closed for as long as possible, even when unloading on a refrigerated dock, is on the driver. To properly control your product and protect the freshness of the items,

  • a refrigerated truck
  • a temperature-controlled dock, and
  • an efficient schedule

will go a long way to getting your product delivered on time and in good shape.

Renting Vs. Buying

Renting a trailer may be your only option when you start out. Renting from a reputable organization will reduce a lot of your worries and concerns, but buying a trailer will put you in more control of your shipping dates and availability.

Reefer trucks have particular risks, and the product that’s being hauled tends to be more fragile. Owning your trailer means that your particular

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  • temperature settings
  • cleaning requirements
  • moisture management

can be specifically managed for your needs and nobody else’s. If your industry is dairy, using a truck that’s been used for seafood may not be your best option. Your packaging choices can help, but owning your truck means that it hauls only your product and the air system inside the truck is moving air that won’t be problematic.

Security Concerns

If you’re shipping items that are pharmaceutical products, temperature control considerations are critical. Keeping your product on schedule and safely stored becomes more critical depending on what you’re shipping. Vaccines and insulin have temperature requirements; many medications can be severely damaged by exposure to too much heat and moisture.

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Make sure that what you’re shipping arrives in good shape. From fresh milk to cold strawberries, your shipping logistics choices will be easier to manage once you own your truck. Getting your trailer properly maintained on your schedule can make you a manufacturer to rely on, improve your business opportunities and increase your market share.


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