What is the Difference Between an Air Cooler and an Air Conditioner?

The sun is shining and we all enjoy the warm weather. In addition to enjoying the warmth, you are also looking for cooling, but in your house, it cannot be hardened! An air conditioner or air cooler offers the ideal solution, but what is the difference between an air conditioner and an air cooler? We will explain the difference and help you decide which device best suits your circumstances.

Properties of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning or air conditioning, cools the air by means of coolant and a compressor. It sucks the warm air in and then it goes out through the heat exchanger with coolant.

The coolant extracts the heat from the air, after which the (now cold) air is blown back into the room. This causes the temperature in the room to drop. Portable Air Conditioner like Mobile air conditioners are quite easy to store, while a split unit air conditioner has a permanent place in your house and also consists of two parts.

The noisy compressor section hangs outside, making this system less noisy than a mobile air conditioner with the compressor inside the unit. You can see a good example of a mobile air conditioner here. This is a popular mobile air conditioner with fan and timer function.


  • Lowers the temperature in the environment
  • Also serves as a dehumidifier and fan
  • Mobile air conditioning is movable
  • You set the desired temperature and the air conditioning does the rest


  • You should always place a mobile air conditioner near a window so that the drain hose can hang outside
  • Mobile air conditioning makes a lot of noise, split air conditioning is quieter
  • There is a hefty price tag
  • Compared to a split air conditioner, mobile air conditioner has a low power
  • Split unit air conditioning is installed by a recognized installer: this means you have extra costs


Installation varies by device. A mobile air conditioner is easier to install than a split unit air conditioner.

Mobile Air Conditioning

A mobile air conditioner uses a discharge hose to discharge the warm air: it must hang out of the window. Ideally, you use a window sealing kit to let the mobile air conditioner work as efficiently as possible.

If you do not use a window sealant, not only will warm air flow in, but you will also lose cold air. This means that your air conditioning has to work harder and it consumes more energy. I solved this temporarily by closing the opening with my curtain, but it doesn’t work perfectly and it doesn’t look very elegant either.

Split Air Conditioner

A split air conditioning unit consists of two parts: one part you hang in a fixed place inside your house, the other part on the other side of the wall, on the outside wall. A split unit air conditioner is installed by a recognized installer. Think of additional costs on top of the purchase price.

Properties of an Air Cooler

Air coolers, also known as air coolers, cool the air with water. An air cooler has a refreshing effect, but does not let the ambient temperature drop. It just brings down the wind chill.

There is a water reservoir in the air cooler, the colder this water is, the colder the air that is blown out. An air cooler works almost the same as a fan, but with cold air.

You use an air cooler both indoors and outdoors, because there is no warm air that needs to be removed. During use, you ventilate the room well to prevent the humidity from becoming too high.


  • An air cooler fits in any room, as long as it can be ventilated
  • This device can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Low purchase costs
  • Air coolers are relatively silent devices


  • Only drop the wind chill temperature, not the actual temperature
  • You don’t set the temperature
  • Low capacity: does not cool large rooms
  • Does not create a huge difference with the outside temperature: if it is outside 30c degrees, your wind chill will not drop to 20c degrees.

Which Device is Ideal for me?

The answer to this question depends on your circumstances, what requirements you set for your cooling system and where you want to use it.

Air Conditioning

An air conditioner is ideal if you want to cool large areas. Think of your living room, your bedroom or maybe you want to cool your entire house with multiple units. An air conditioning system lowers the temperature – you set the desired temperature and the machine does the rest.

Having an air conditioner in your house – mobile or fixed – does require some adjustment in your house. If you have a mobile air conditioner, you seal your window with a special window sealing kit so that no air can escape. You can easily remove this kit again.

Air Cooler

An air cooler is especially refreshing and does not need a discharge for the warm air. You can put this device anywhere, as long as you can ventilate. This device is therefore ideal for outdoor use on your patio. I use my air cooler when I enjoy the sun in the garden. Nice fresh juice and the holiday feeling is complete!

This device does not lower the temperature: it feels like it is fresher because the machine evaporates cold water and blows it out. You don’t cool large rooms with an air cooler, but use them if you want some fresh, fresh air around you.In addition, an air cooler is relatively inexpensive to purchase and you use it immediately out of the box, after you have filled the water reservoir.


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