What qualities make a good plumber?

There are multiple qualities that good plumbers possess to be able to work for the best plumbing companies in town.

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Plumbing is a lucrative industry and plumbers make a successful career. A plumber should be dedicated to his work and cater to their customer needs efficiently through state-of-the-art plumbing services.

To gauge the credibility of your plumber, assess him in terms of the following characteristics. If he ticks all the boxes, you have hired the right individual. 

Necessary Certifications & Legal Documentation

Plumbers need to obtain a work permit from the state. This permit or license is proof that the plumber is knowledgeable and skilled in his field and can cater to all types of plumbing needs such as piping, sewage, etc. 

The work permit requirements are different for each state, and individuals need to work for certain years under supervision to obtain this license after passing the necessary examinations, after which they will get the certification required.  

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The Experience Matters 

The most credible credential a plumber can have on his CV is his experience. Experience does not happen overnight, it requires diligent work as an apprentice under proper supervision and then as a professional. Plumbers also need to attend a vocational school. 

The Mechanical Expertise 

In addition to having analytical skills to diagnose the plumbing issue at any place, the plumber needs to equip himself with the required mechanical expertise as well to fix the problem. 

For instance, if a faucet or a valve is not performing its function, the plumber needs to know what mechanics to apply to get it in a working state. This type of technical knowledge and expertise is learned through schooling and experience. 

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Personal Safety 

The job of plumbing involves certain threats hence the plumber should know how to use personal protective equipment in the field keeping all security measures in place. 

Value For Time 

A professional plumber values your time as a client and knows the essence of punctuality. He should arrive at the time given to show his seriousness towards the task. Punctuality plays a crucial role in leaving a good impression on the clients. 

Problem-Solving Skills 

Usually, plumbers work in small spaces. They are also required to use different pieces of equipment in any given session while negotiating their way in cramped and unfamiliar spaces. 

It is vital that a plumber has excellent problem-solving skills. That is because he or she needs to assess the situation and evaluate various options quickly and come up with the best course of action.

Competency In Services 

Competency is just as important as experience in the plumbing field. Competency comes with knowledge, experience, and training. Many residential and commercial buildings have failed plumbing systems simply due to a lack of competence. 

A plumber who is competent will first assess the nature of your job and then apply the strategy that works best to fix the present issue. He would also provide you with valuable suggestions on how to avoid that problem from arising in the future.

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Good Communication 

A credible plumber should have excellent communication and listening skills. They must listen carefully to their client and communicate to them the exact issue and how much will it cost to fix the problem. 

Good Evaluation Skills

The evaluation skills ultimately lead to good problem solving skills in the field of plumbing. A professional plumber should have the ability to evaluate a problem by assessing the plumbing system of the house and then act on the best course of action. 

The Utmost Dedication

This goes without saying, any career requires the utmost dedication to be successful. A plumber who is dedicated to his work will arrive on time and provide quality work. The ultimate road to success is dedication, hard work, and commitment. 


A professional plumber should be trustworthy and reliable since they enter the personal space of clients to perform their job. He should not take more time than necessary to get work done and must respect the personal space of their clients and their property. 

Besides, a reliable plumber should provide an in-depth cost breakdown to the client without any hidden charges involved. 

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A Good Standing In The Community 

The good and credible plumbers have a reputable standing in the community. They are all the rage on the internet and social media. 

Their reputation speaks for itself and even if you ask for a recommendation, the people in your neighborhood would recommend their name. This is a great way to judge anyone’s credibility. 


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