What to Consider Before Creating Your Presentation

When you are tasked with a presentation, there are a lot of circumstantial factors to consider before putting pen to paper —or, more appropriately, content to slide.

Whether you are gearing up for a big meeting, speech or pitch, you’ll want to make sure your presentation looks fantastic—and you can’t do that without some planning. 

With the help of a great PowerPoint design agency, you will be able to pinpoint these defining factors. Take these elements into consideration to create a presentation that is engaging and organized, and clearly conveys information.

These are the elements every presenter needs to consider before designing their presentation:

Content: What Type of Information Are You Sharing?

Does your presentationincorporate images, videos, charts or graphs? If so, you’ll want a template that has room for these elements. After all, these assets lose their impact when placed in a convoluted slide. 

This is where a PowerPoint presentation agency will come in hand. The right design company will create custom templates and graphics for your slides to accommodate the specific type of content you are sharing.

Purpose: Why Are You Sharing This?

The goal of every presentation is to convey information in a way that is engaging and impactful. That said, every presentation will feature different types of information.

If you are presenting a pitch to close a sale or delivering a keynote speech to connect with an audience, your content will be different.

It’s essential to understand why you are sharing your information because it will impact the types of slides you want to incorporateand how the slides are presented. 

Size & Space: Where Are You Sharing This?

The slides presented in a business meeting setting won’t be the same as ones that are shared in a stadium. It’s important to be aware of what type of slides people will be able to see, and what elements may get lost. 

For example, your slides will likely require more images and graphics —and less text —if you’re presenting in a stadium. In a more intimate conference setting, however, you will want slides that have more room for text and finer details as the content will be easier to read.

Message: What Story Are You Trying to Tell?

Clarity and engagement are key when it comes to presentations.A design agency canphysically design your slides and help you to organize your content in a cohesive way.

A presentation company’s storyboarding and copywriting services will help your presentation distillyour brand’s message and tell an engaging story that your audience can follow. 

Customization: Is it Flexible?

Every presentation needs a template, but ready-made ones offered by PowerPoint can be limiting. That said, a PowerPoint presentation company can make custom templates to suit your brand’s various needs. 

For example, instead of providing one general slide template for tables, a good design company will provide you with an assortment to choose from based on the type and amount of content in your tables. 

There are some common good practices when it comes to presentation design, but it’s important to remember that no two PowerPoints will ever be the same. With the help of a design agency, you can craft a custom PowerPoint that aligns with your unique needs.


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