The weather in Keller can often fluctuate, with snow in winter and extreme heat in summer.

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This can cause some unpleasant roofing problems for residents in the city. The prudent thing residents can do in emergency roofing situations is find a reliable contractor.

Many Keller roofing companies offer leak reparation, roof replacement, and hail storm roof repair, among other services. But to find the best roofing contractor, residents must ask some critical questions. 

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Are you certified?

Roofing is more often than not a highly challenging task. So professionals must carry a license for work. Although Texas roofing contractors do not need to bring a state license, they need to have at least a voluntary permit as a means of self-regulation. They can obtain this license through the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas.

Note that only individuals, not companies, who have owned or managed a roofing company for at least three years are eligible for this license. So, if you wish to find a dependable roofing contractor, ask if they carry this license before you hire them.

In addition to the license and registration, roofing contractors in Keller and other Texas cities must have worker’s compensation insurance. This makes it legal for them to work on your roof. Therefore, check this out, call the insurance company to verify the fact, and confirm that the insurance documents are legitimate.

Do you carry out insurance inspections?

Keller is a spectacular suburban city in Texas, home to over forty-seven thousand people. But while the city is fantastic to visit and stay in, it has frequent devastating hail storms and tornadoes that cause irreparable damage to commercial properties and residential buildings. Under these circumstances, several Keller residents file insurance claims to cover the losses from these unexpected weather conditions. Recently, thousands of people filed storm damage claims from Keller and other nearby Texas areas.

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Dealing with insurance companies on your own can be challenging for most Keller residents. So, the best way is to hire a reliable local roofing contractor who can handle the claims on your behalf. This is because many insurance companies may not approve your claim unless a professional roofing contractor has inspected and reviewed the damage.

Is there a way to verify your testimonials?

It is proven that testimonial verification can decrease buyer hesitancy and reluctance, successfully converting leads to sales. Therefore, ensure to ask the roofing company in Keller you wish to hire if there is a way to verify their customer testimonials. This will help weed out contractors who do not have the experience they claim to have but are simply hoping to make quick bucks.

One way to check if a Keller roofing company is truthful about their testimonials is to check the videos and pictures of past work on their website. It will help you identify local landmarks, known neighborhoods, verified purchases, and other details that serve as evidence.

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Do you offer any warranties?

Roof warranties in Keller generally come from two places:

  1. Roof materials manufacturer, and 
  2. Local contractor. 

A typical roof warranty coverage lasts an average of ten to thirty years, covering leaks and labor costs. Always look for a contractor that offers a warranty on the service and replacement parts used on your roof. This will keep you covered in case the repair work done on your rooftop is not up to the mark.

Several companies in Keller provide warranty coverage even for residential buildings besides commercial roof work. For instance, if you leak your roof shortly after it has been installed or replaced, the contractor will return and make the repairs free of charge.


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