What to Know When Hiring a Double Glazing Related Window Company

Most homeowners do a lot of things around their homes to keep them up-to-date and in the as best condition as possible. These include painting the house, repairing a piece of furniture, or mowing a garden, there are many things you can do yourself without requiring detailed instructions. However, when it comes to replacing your windows or installing windows in a new home, this should be left to the experts.

It might be tempting to replace windows by yourself considering that you can reduce some expenses. Unfortunately, without the right training and knowledge of the window replacement process, you can end up damaging your home. There are good reasons why people choose to use experts in window replacement. This article will discuss why you need to hire a window installation company to install your windows.

How often can you replace windows?

Many window experts agree that new and high-quality windows should last about 20 years. When this period elapses, you can start thinking of replacing them. When you notice the following signs on your windows, consider replacing them:  

  • Cracked window panes. Window damages like broken, warped, or damaged window frames need to be replaced immediately. As a homeowner, you don’t want to see a damaged window frame as it’s not attractive and it can allow insects to get in and also affect the heating and air conditioning. 
  • Fogged glass. If your windows have either double or triple panes, they might form an opening that cannot be noticed easily. In most cases, there is condensation that settles between your window panes as a result of this opening. 
  • Soft frame. Moisture can cause wooden window frames to rot on the exterior of your home. Hence, if you see that the wooden frame is soft when you touch it, you should replace the whole window and its frame on the outside.  
  • Stuck window. When you open and close your windows often, divots and small grooves can be created. Over time, continuous openings can lead to cracks forming on your window frames. Because of this, the window can stick while opening.

Factors to consider before hiring a window installation expert 

First of all, you should remember that the reality of properly installed windows is that your family and belongings will be safe. However, you should hire a Scottish window company to make sure that the job is up to standard. You should consider the labor costs that the window company will charge you. But you can only get the right estimate if you call the window company in your area to get a specific estimate concerning the services they offer. 

This is the best way you can get cost-effective prices that relate to the quality of the window installation and repairs that you need to do. It’s in your best interest to take time doing this process because you can be assured of getting professional services that can bring the expected results. Below are what you should consider before hiring a window installation company:

The right Experience

If your windows require replacement, you shouldn’t do it on your own unless you are qualified to do so. It takes many years to master the art of window installation. Hence, you should choose an experienced and reliable window replacement company to replace or repair your windows.

The right window installation company should have a team of window replacement experts that are qualified and have years of professional experience doing similar jobs. There is no shortcut to proper window installation. This means the team of window installation experts should be aware of all safety procedures that are required.

Most of the window companies have enough manpower to install, repair, or maintain all your windows. It’s safe to say that the more people the company has working on your window replacement or repairs, the faster they can complete the job. Even better, by having such a team of experts, you know that the entire project can be done right the first time. 

Therefore, it’s essential to inquire from the company if they have been doing similar jobs so that you can judge if they can perform a perfect repair and installation services that you expect. When you consider the things that might go wrong with a huge plate of glass, you come to realize why window installation companies prepare for potential dangers. 

The tools and materials 

There is no doubt that window installation requires experience and the right tools and materials to do the project correctly. The experts use the right tools to make sure that the windows are not only installed correctly but also safely. Some of the tools they use include safety glasses, a power drill, a caulk gun, and waterproof shims.  

Therefore, even if you know about installing windows, leave it to the window installation company that has the right tools and materials. Every window features various components to provide it with overall performance and aesthetics. This is the reason why you need high-quality tools and materials to have the right window replacement. 

Certainly, it makes sense to hire a window company that operates within your area for years already. This is the only way you can know that it has the right knowledge and expertise to do the proper job. The good news is that hiring such a company, it might be easier to check their previous window installation projects so that you can make an informed decision before hiring them. For sure, you don’t want to hire a window company that lacks experience as this can mean more costly repairs.

Warranty issues

You should also consider the warranty aspects of your window installation. This is because many window manufacturers provide a warranty to cover for installation, a lifespan of windows, and many others. If there is a problem with the warranty, it might be because the window or installation has an issue.

Thankfully, window replacement companies have extensive experience in preparing and replacing windows. Hence, you are rest assured that they can do the job properly and process any warranty problems should something go wrong. 

While installing windows might seem like a simple process, the truth is that it’s a complicated one that needs professionals to do it safely and properly. It’s important to look for the window company that will install and service your windows throughout its lifetime.

Window replacement process

Windows are regarded as one of the most important parts of your home because they keep out most of the outside environmental elements from getting inside. As a result, whether you want a new window installation, maintenance service, or repair, it’s crucial to call only professional window companies to get the job done correctly. 

In case you might be asking yourself what specific tasks a window company will be doing when you call them. The following are some of the steps a window company will take to install windows in your home:

Take the measurements

After you have agreed with a window company to install windows in your home, the first step they will take is to get the correct measurements of window openings in your home. Therefore, the window company will schedule an appointment to come to your home to take these measurements. Since most of the replacement windows are manufactured according to the precise measurements of your home, the window company cannot afford to miss this step. 

Having the right measurements will make sure the windows will fit exactly to the window openings. Because of this, it provides a weather-tight and protection from the outside environmental elements. Here is how it’s done, the window experts measure the width of the window opening at the top, middle, and also the bottom. But they measure the height of the window opening at both sides and the middle.

Removal of the old windows 

Now that they have handled the window measurements and the new windows have arrived for replacement, they will start removing the old windows. This is another delicate task that involves ensuring that they don’t damage the original house wrap or weather barrier while cutting off the old windows. This material has a special coating intended to keep out water from the walls. 

The window experts need to integrate the new windows with the old weather barrier so that the water cannot get through into your home. It’s also at this stage that the window company removes the old sealants that were used for the old windows. In this way, they can use the news sealants to hold the new windows. 

Weatherproofing the window opening

This is another equally important step that many people fail to do properly. Any errors in weatherproofing which is also known as flashing the opening can lead to costly repairs and replacements. Most window companies use weatherboard fashion which relates to placing flashing around a new window. 

As you can see, this is an important step and some window companies might flash around the top and bottom of your window opening. Hence, when there is rain, the water usually runs off on the lower part of the flashing. 

Installing new windows

When the new windows are in place, the window companies usually utilize a level to ensure that the windows are aligned properly with the window opening. Only after this has been done will the window expert use screws or nails to secure the new window to the opening. They might even apply the flashing around the exterior of the window. Lastly, foam sealants or other types of sealants will be used to ensure that the new windows prevent outside air from getting inside.


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