What to Look for in a Commercial Builder

The construction industry is a busy one with plenty of competition. This is good for the customer who wants to get a quality job at the right price. There can be problems, however, with choosing the right builder for a commercial project. 

This requires different skills and knowledge to house building – although the principle remains the same – and may be more complex. Whatever you need from your commercial builder it is important you choose the right one, so how do you make sure you have done so? 

Commercial builders can be involved in many different types of project – from shops and restaurants to factories and offices, so it is essential you pick one that is ready and willing to attend to your requirements. Where do you start when choosing a commercial builder? Here’s our tips so that you can find the right one!

Ask Around

The first step is to look for recommendations. You may have seen a building site nearby and you can ask there, or if you know of someone who has recently had a builder do some commercial work for them, check them out too. 

You should also use online searches and look for local service providers as they may have customer reviews that point you in the right direction. Ask friends and family, and work colleagues, as someone will have used a builder at some point. 

Check Credentials

When you start talking to building companies don’t fail to ask for their credentials. You need to know how long they’ve been in business for, what industry bodies they belong to, whether they have been involved in award-winning or commended projects, what professional qualifications the possess and so on. 

All this information should be forthcoming from a builder willing to work with you, so be certain to ask outright.

Visit a Site

If the builder you are talking to has a project underway, ask if you can pay a visit and see the site in action. You’ll be able to check the way they work and the standard of finish and see how efficient their skilled workers are.

 You should also ask to visit former, completed sites and check them out, and talk to the people who now use those buildings to see if they were happy with the work provided. A good and reputable commercial builders such as DiversifiedConstruction.com will be only too happy to help, so again, don’t hesitate to ask.

Ask About Insurance

Are they insured with the right people? If so, what level of insurance to they carry? This is something you need to be certain of as you don’t want to be held liable for mistakes made by your builder. A reputable commercial builder will be able to show you certificates of proof of insurance, so you have peace of mind before you go ahead and agree to the contract.

Compare Prices

When you search for builders make sure you give them detailed instructions and allow them to survey the site and provide you with quotations. You may find there are notable differences in the prices you are quoted. 

Don’t automatically go for the cheapest example, as you may find you feel more comfortable with a company that has quoted higher. Once you have the quotes – we recommend three at least – go to the builder you were happiest with and see if you can negotiate. It’s always best to work with people you like and trust.

By taking care to choose the right commercial builder you will get the best results, so good luck with your search, keep the above in mind and you will find the right one for you.


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