What you need to know about decorating with cushions

1. Decide what colours you want to use

In order to find the right colour cushions, you must first determine what colour you are looking for. Take a closer look at the soft furnishings, wall art, curtains, and any existing accessories in the room that the cushions will be used in.

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If you are shopping online for scatter cushions, keep this in mind. In order to carry this central theme through, they only need one of these colours somewhere. Some of your patterns might have elements of your colours in them while others might be solid colours. Colour clashes are possible, however.

When yellow cushions and purple cushions are combined, the effect is often an assault on the eyes!

2. Add cushions according to the style of the room

Stick to an even number of scatter cushions if you are going for a more traditional look. Choose two solid square colours that match each other and place them in each corner of your sofa to achieve this effect. Place two matching smaller cushions in front of the two larger cushions. 

Modern or eclectic rooms look best with odd numbers. If you keep your colour palette in mind, you can use five completely different scatter cushions on a three-seater sofa. You may find it hard to stop shopping online, though!

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3. Cushions should be a mix of sizes and shapes

Do you want to know how to style your sofa or bed cushions? The most effective arrangements are those that combine different combinations of shapes and sizes, although many people believe that all their collections should be the same shape and size. In front of these, choose some smaller ones with different patterns but similar colour palettes.In the centre of your arrangement, place a small rectangular cushion in a similar tone to your solids.

4. Feel free to experiment with different textures

The use of texture is one of the most effective hamptonscushions.com ways to decorate with cushions. Your arrangement may appear boring and stale if you use the same material throughout. Your cushions can be made more unique by mixing different fabrics and materials, creating a deep textural effect. 

There are no limits to how elaborate or simple you can make this. Mixing warm knits, natural soft linens, fluffy faux furs and beautiful velvet cushion styles can create a visually appealing mix of textures. To draw the eye, you can also use a noticeably different material, such as some luxurious velvet cushion covers, as the centrepiece of your decoration. When shopping online for scatter cushions, keep texture in mind.

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5. Your room’s tone can be set with cushion styling

It’s important to take a good look at your space before selecting scatter cushions, because they can absolutely transform a room. Pink cushions, for example, can add a welcome splash of colour to a once bleak room and add excellent contrast to otherwise melancholy decor.

Dark scatter cushion styles recede a large bright area and make it feel more intimate. Make the room appear smaller and more intimate by matching these to your curtains. Choose deep reds, maroons, plums, or navy colours for this stage.


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