Where to place home security cameras

If you are looking to secure your home by using security cameras, it is important that you install them in strategic areas where you can truly be sure that all that happens in your home is captured on CCTV. The location of security cameras is a vital decision that you need to make to ensure that the cameras are effective and useful. This is the best way you can keep burglars and vandals off your property. So, what are some of the tips that one needs to consider when they are placing security cameras at home? You can visit www.safenow.org to learn more.

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In this article, we shall discuss in detail the best locations where you can put your home security cameras for better effectiveness. These are some of the locations you can consider:

The front door

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You need to install a security camera at the front door of your house. Research done by security experts show that some 34% of thieves and burglars enter homes through the front door. A security camera at this position will help you record all the activities that take place around this place. A camera placed at the second-floor level will be the most suitable one for this kind of surveillance. In the event that there is only one level, then wire mesh should be used to enclose the camera so that there will be no interference with it. When choosing a trustworthy front door camera, choose one that has HD recording capabilities so that you can clearly identify peoples’ faces, plate numbers and so on. Motion-activated front door cameras would be more suitable for this location as it will not have to do a continuous recording. Remember that these cameras run on batteries.

Locate a camera at the back door

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Another reliable site where you can locate your security camera is at the back door. Up to 22% of thieves are known to invade houses through the back door. This is a significant number and should never be taken for granted.

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A camera here, as well as at the side door should help capture all activities that take place in this area of the house. While installing this camera, you should ensure that the camera is out of the reach of people for better security.

Install more cameras near any off-street windows

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A rear window is quite a dangerous location when it comes to a burglary in homes. Around 23% of home break-ins take place through a rear-facing window. This is more so for the windows that are away from the view of the streets. Pointing a camera at such windows is a trustworthy way of ensuring that any burglars are captured on video, just in case.

Garage and driveways

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You should consider placing a camera pointed at the driveways or the garages so that there is a watchful eye over your expensive electric bikes, grills, cars, sports equipment, and all people that handle these items. This is more so for the garages that are detached as the camera will ensure you are connected to this kind of a garage. For the attached garage, the camera comes in handy to watch over possible entryways for burglars into the main house. A gate at the end of the driveway should also have cameras installed to watch over any people who may want to break into the home.

Common areas in the interior

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You need to have cameras placed throughout the interior of your house. This type of camera can help you to monitor your children and ensure that they are doing what is expected of them. Interior cameras ensure that babysitters and all other people who work in your house are aware of what is expected of them and that they do not go against the norm. Rooms that have large ground to floor windows need to be prioritized when camera installation is taking place.

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Cameras at the hallway or the main stairway

Cameras placed at the main thoroughfares inside the home are good as they will capture anyone who breaks into the room through the bathrooms, unmonitored areas, and the bedrooms. These burglars will definitely be captured in the stairways or the hallways and this is a good way to maintain the security of the house.


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