Which Are The Best Diy Decor And Craft Ideas

As we all know, during this covid 19 pandemic, we all are at home and finding something new to do. in this article, we will provide you best craft and décor ideas to do at home and make your home fabulous.

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Craft and decor ideas are things that are unique for all. As per your creativity and likes dislikes, you can decor your home and surrounding within budget and available items in the home. As per the craft idea. Make best out of rest. Use this DIY decor ideas and make your house elegant. 

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  • Wall With Gallery

Use your painting skills and paint a canvas as you like. You can use designs like stripes, polka dots, mandala arts, absurd paintings, etc. 

Paint two or three canvas as per your wall size and hang them in a stepwise manner or as per your painting’s best fit.

It will give an empty wall the best view.

  • Tape For Wall

In the market, there are so many colorful designer tapes in small sizes available. Make small pieces of it and décor wall using it.

It will give your room one different funky look.

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  • Beautiful Candles

In your bedroom or dining area, you can keep teacup or beautiful long candles. It will give a kind of vintage look to the room.

You can choose a candle as per your vibe.

  • Hand Flower Vase

One of the most trending designs on the internet, we can say that.

As per the law of nature at night, plants also take oxygen and produce carbon dioxide, so you should not keep plants in-home or your sleeping area. But nowadays it’s kind of fashion to keep plants and flower vases in the living room. You are making the environment alive and fresh.

  • Macrame

It’s a kind of art that uses the rope to make different design shapes like a triangle, spirals, patterns, etc., so many online videos are available for it. You can hang it on the wall for an ethnic look.

  • Animal Clay

You can keep animal sculptures for the show. animals like lion,zebra,deer,elephant etc.

  • Paper Art

You can make paper planes, flowers, boats, etc., and attach them to the wall that handcraft arts will give a beautiful look to the wall.

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  • Pom Pom Hangings

You can make a pom from wool balls as so many tutorials available online.

Using this all pom together, make one garland of colorful pom-poms .hang it on the wall.

  • Wooden Box

Nowadays people use wooden shelves table chairs they look so elegant and give a kind of natural look to your place.

  • Bold Gallery

Beautiful painting full of quotes and memory wall is always eyecatching and attractive.

  • Half Painted Things

Now it’s trending coordination in painting with two colors.

  • Shoe Shelf Hide

You can hide your shoe boxes using some fabrics or cotton with beautiful designs on them.

  • Use Mirrors

Using mirrors in house design is the best way to get a beautiful look and other benefits. Reflections of light in mirrors can make your house more glowing and full of sunshine.

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So as per look and another reason using a mirror is a good way of designing.

  • Carpets On Upstairs

You can use beautiful carpets on the stairs. It will completely change the look of your boring stairs, and you are going to fall in love with that designs.

  • White Paints 

Paint your house walls with white Colour may look like a boring idea but it will give excellent results.

The Colour of your furniture plants and other decors will look so good in that white paint.

  • Bookshelves

You can make big bookshelves or award shelves in the living room. You can put various awards on different tracks, or you can arrange books as per the colors. And make them look beautiful and organized.

  • Antic Things
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You can use antic things in the living room to give a rich look. You can use old fans, sculptures, traditional items, small vehicles, clocks. It will provide you with an antic and unique look you.

  • Big Letters Showpiece

Many people put big letters of their names or same looking cartoons of them as for decoration. It is trendy on social media sites. You can give orders for that and receive as per your expectation and décor customized.


Home decor is a big task nowadays. People depend on interior designers for that. But if you have such creativity skills and crafting is a kind of joy and fun activity for you. You can decor your home as per your like dislike using these ideas.


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