Which are the best tools for working as a design freelancer?

Nothing comes easy at first. It holds good for any job, business, or freelancing. You will have to be patient in getting desirable results out of anything you do. But if you have decided to work as a freelancer, then you will have to wait a little longer.

Finding work as a freelancer is hard, and it is harder for designers because they have to prove themselves first. With this writing piece, we will attempt to help you by walking you through a list of tools, such as the best free mail tracker for Gmail, that you can use while working as a freelancer to make you more productive. It will result in saving you a lot of time and money and also leave you with time to design.

Ways to find work

However, it would help if you knew of ways to find freelance design work before moving ahead. Therefore, let us have a look into ways of finding a job. 

  • Having an updated portfolio website

It would help if you showcase your talents to get hired. Hence, having a website, even a free one, is the first check on the list.

  • Creating profiles on design websites

After you start designing, you have to share your designs to get recognition and start getting clients. Websites such as Dribble and Behance will do the trick for you.

  • Signing up on freelance websites

There is an overwhelming number of websites where freelancers can find work and get paid for it. All you need to do is create an account, upload your portfolio, and start bidding until you get hired.

  • Creating content

To show your skills, you need to start creating content on your designs and start blogging to promote your work interest.

  • Networking

Meeting people from your field of work or otherwise is essential. Interaction is the key to coming to know more people and build a network.

  • Getting out there 

Everything apart, you cannot just sit back and relax, hoping that work will come to you. You have to get up, go out and look for people or organizations that require your services.

Best tools for design freelancers

After you have come to know of ways to look for work when designated as a freelance designer, it is time that you now have a fair idea of which tools you will need to increase your efficiency. Let us have a look at the list of solutions.

  1. Aweber

It helps maintain a relationship with your clients

  1. Zoho Invoice

It is an invoicing tool which also schedules meetings and maintains client relationships.

  1. Balsamiq

It is a wireframing tool to collaborate with clients, product managers, developers, and many others.

  1. Toggl

It is a time tracking tool that allows you to increase your productivity.

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud

It is a one-stop place for design creation softwares.

6. Lunacy

It is a free design app that allows you to create UI/UX designs with built-in graphics.


We agree that being a design freelancer is not easy; however, if you know appropriate ways to find work and showcase your talent, nothing can stop you from attaining success. We are also hopeful that the list of tools mentioned above will help you ease your workload and let you design more efficiently. However, you can look for tools that are not listed here but might prove useful and start using them.


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