Latest Design Aspects Used By Slots Developers

As online gambling goes from strength to strength, to boom, particular areas of the industry are being increasingly criticised by various elements of society.

In the UK, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) has decided to totally change many of the regulations around slot game design. Naturally, this has had a huge impact on the way that slot developers design their wares.

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In this article, we will take a peek at the latest design aspects used by slots developers. Whether the limits on spin pace or the changing face of reverse withdrawals, we will think about the ways in which the fresh regulations will alter the ways in which the industry pursues its agenda.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how the latest design aspects used by slots developers have impacted the overall business of slot game creation. 

The next generation of slot game design

The commission has not been shy to tell all involved in the industry that they must change their rules 

Under the new regulations, slot games created in and available to people in the United Kingdom must now follow a new set of directives. Indeed, this comes as no surprise, with a massive clampdown on developers occurring in the last few years meaning a new breed of slot game has been pushed forward. Players can learn more about the latest slot sites by clicking here and exploring the options available.

So, what exactly do the fresh regulations say? Moving around the idea of helping players, the directives suggest that sites will have to put limits on all spin speeds. What’s more, there is to be an outright ban on anything that increases the pace of spins or makes bad outcomes seem good.

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The notion of adding these restrictions comes off the back of calls for helping players from getting out of control. Now, spin rates of more than two and a half seconds must be added to all designs of slots whilst autoplay concepts that can mean a casino game gets out of hand are banned altogether. The UKGC also stipulates that those elements that say a player has achieved a win when, in reality, they have lost, must be eradicated.

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Last, the UKGC has insisted on a ban on reverse withdrawals with further regulations that say slots developers need to display clearly a tally of players’ losses and wins in addition to any time elapsed in the process of play for those games available inside the UK.

Will the shift in the law change slot developers’ approach?

Though many suggest that the new regulations might be bad developments for online gambling, plenty in the industry have brought in these changes with a smile on their lips.

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The answer has mostly been a positive one because the best slot game developers say that the fresh laws will not change their games fundamentally because they do not employ either pace or deception to control player behaviour.

Of course, the new design controls with aid in the protection of gamers generally, whilst further shifts are to be expected at consistent periods in the future.


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