7 Amazing Tips To Boost Your Pet’s Mood

Most pet owners have a hard time understanding that pets have emotions too.

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One moment they’re out jumping around and wagging their tails. The next moment, they’re sulking in the corner.

If you’re a new dog parent, you may find it confusing to understand your pet’s mood- especially when they’re moody. Or, perhaps you do know when they’re in a bad mood, but you don’t know how to cheer them up. Here are seven amazing tips to help you keep your pet in a great mood. 

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How Can You Tell That Your Pooch is Moody?

So, your furry baby is moody. It’s probably not something that you should fret about. Maybe you didn’t do anything wrong. 

They may be undergoing something that they can’t share verbally. Since you’re the one who knows them better, it’s your job to figure out what’s happening.

Ensure He’s Mentally and Physically Healthy

Though your furry friend may be in a bad mood due to lack of exercise or a poor diet, it could also be because he’s unwell. Their irritable mood could be due to depression, illness, or injury. CBD oil might help.

CBD Oil affects your canine’s sense organs in the nervous structure. This may help in soothing them by producing calming impacts that relax them and boost their mood.

If you spotted a change in your mutt’s tendency recently, you should be on the lookout for signs that they’re unwell, like:

  • Lethargy– dogs sleep A LOT. Especially during the day when you’re at work or chilling and nothing much is happening. But if they’re dozing even when there’s a lot of activity around them, consider checking for sickness that could lead to it.

If they’re fit physically and yet they’re sleeping consistently, it could be that they’re depressed.

  • Bizarre accidents– if you’ve potty-trained your canine and they start having accidents at home, it could be a manifestation of sickness.
  • Variation in appetite– overeating leading to weight gain or no desire resulting in weight loss.
  • Hiding– generally, if your pup is frequently hiding and avoiding people, yet they’re in top shape, they could be undergoing depression.
  • Indifference– if you notice that your canine has zero interest in things that would usually cheer them up, they could be experiencing depression.

They Could Be Just Irritable

Dogs have emotions too. Therefore, even after you’ve done all you should and they’re still grouchy, a wise move would be to let them be. Chances are they’ll spring back to action as usual after some time.

Ensure That You’re Caring for Their Basic Requirements

If you’re the type of mutt parent who leaves for work and locks them indoors and doesn’t have time to play with him in the evening, you can bet on it that they’ll be moody. They require a lot of sleep, exercise, and healthy food to remain mentally and physically fit.

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What Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat to Enhance Their Mood

The main things to avoid are preservatives and sugars as they have the same effects on pooches as they do on kids- irritation, bloating, and ‘come-downs.’

Consider including your pup fruit as part of their diet for a crunchy and delicious treat. The fruit has complex fiber and carbohydrates, which add to a healthy gut microbiome.

What Else You Should Include In Their Diet

Fresh, whole foods. They’ll deliver maximum nutrition. As long as it’s fresh, it’s good for Fido.

What if They’re Stressed?

Munching on hard objects and bones assists in relieving stress for canines. It does this through the action of chewing itself and by keeping their minds occupied positively. 

Excellent Pointers on Improving Your Dog’s Mood

Here are some practical and straightforward suggestions to boost your puppy’s mood:

Train Obedience

Your pup is more than ready to please you and happy to serve you, but they can only do this if they know what you want. Take as much time as you can to teach them obedience.

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Maintain a Healthy Mass

A dog with the right weight finds it easy to move around and play. This makes them happy. Suppose Dolly is obese, no problem. There are plenty of pet foods that can help trim her excess pounds.

Be Consistent with Boundaries and Rules

Your furry baby can learn plenty just by observing. He watches and reacts as per your reinforcement and praise or lack thereof. Giving him mixed signals will confuse him.

Present New, Good Quality Snacks Often

A fantastic way to go about this is spreading the treats all over the house. You could put some in his toys or favorite relaxing spots. He’ll find it enjoyable to learn his favorites.

Explore With Them

Go to the park with Fido. Or hiking. Or swimming- whatever that’ll excite his curiosity. Dogs love exploring and adventure as they make them happy and challenge them.

Rotate Toys

Pick toys up and provide them a few at a time rather than leaving them all out. Change things so Dolly doesn’t get bored.

Play Games

Interesting games can improve your dog’s mood. Examples of some excellent games are:

  • Scent games
  • Fetch
  • Flirt poles
  • Tug
  • Hidden treats
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Dogs experience changes in the mood just like us. Therefore, boosting their spirits won’t be a challenging task. The key is to understand your furry friend and be close to them. That way, you’ll be able to know when they’re moody, and you’ll be able to carry out the necessary steps above to brighten them up. 


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