Which Are the Top 7 Buyers Agents in Australia?

When you decide to look for a new house, you have three options on how to proceed.

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You can do it yourself by looking for “For Sale” signs and postings in the paper or online; you can contact a real estate agent and have him search you places to visit, or you can hire a lesser-known buyer’s agent.                                                    

The disadvantage of doing it yourself is that you may miss out on the ideal properties if you don’t know where to look, and the disadvantage of using a real estate agent is that they always have the seller’s best interests in mind. Meanwhile, buyer’s agents look out for your best interests and will keep whatever you tell them privately. Your buyer’s agent will be able to negotiate rates on your behalf, verify that the property is examined before you purchase it, and guarantee that you have any necessary counsel.

However, finding a reputable buyer’s agent might be challenging. To assist you with this process, we have compiled a list of the top seven buyer’s agents in Australia:

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  1. Luke Moroney 

Luke is a Search Party Property buyer’s agent and lives in Bondi, Sydney. He has 5 years of expertise in strata and facility property management, is a properties investor with over Thirty properties (he began investing in 2002) and is a first-time real estate investor coach.

He made the top of our list because he continuously looks at houses, talks to agents, and understands the real estate industry and economics. He can also speak the data and blend it with his expertise and knowledge.

  1. Cate Bakos 

Cate Bakos, the second-ranked buyer’s agent on our list, doesn’t see herself as a buyer’s agent; instead, she sees herself as an agent of change to “fix issues and help people.”

She has eleven years of experience and belongs to the Australian Real Estate Buyers Agents Association. Cate, who presently serves as the association’s vice president, appreciates contributing to the field in which she finds extraordinary passion. She also has a policy of offering free assistance to at least one customer per quarter who says they need a dedicated buyer’s agent but can’t afford to pay one.

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  1. Phillip Almeida 

With 19 years of experience as a buyer’s agent, Phillip Almeida of Performance Property Advisory attributes the foundations on which he’s built his professional success to “an excellent mentor.”

Phillip Almeida’s profession may include negotiating real estate contracts, but for him, the key to success is cultivating lasting relationships. No day or property is ever the same in the real estate business since it’s all about people and relationships, according to our third-ranked buyer’s agent. Phillip loves using real estate to make a difference in someone’s life. He is motivated by a passion for real estate and a desire to raise the bar for the property business. 

  1. Lloyd Edge 

Lloyd Edge of Aus Property Professionals takes pleasure in his value proposition, which aims to provide wealth and lifestyle options. On our list of the Top 7 Buyers’ Agents in Australia, his attitude has helped him climb to fourth place.

With nine years of experience in the field, Lloyd receives 50% of his revenue from returning customers. He also operates under the basic principle, “If I wouldn’t buy the property myself, I wouldn’t recommend it to a customer.”

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  1. Frank Valentic 

Frank Valentic of Advantage Property lives by the saying, “Underpromise and overdeliver.” He is ranked fifth on our list of Australia’s top buyers’ agents because of his nearly two decades of experience in the field. 

Frank Valentic is “one of the most experienced buyers’ advocates in Australia” and was one of Melbourne’s first buyers’ advocates. He has gathered over 21 years of expertise. Frank claims he can particularly relate to his client’s financial goals because he created his sizable investment account during 22 years of buying. 

  1. Hunter James 

Sebastian James is a buyer’s agent who aims to get the best results for his customers. He has 17 years of expertise in the field, and we included him on our list because of his dedication to improving the sector. Additionally, he is one of only five buyers’ agents on the executive committee of the buyers’ agents’ chapter of the Real Estate Institute of NSW.

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  1. Paul Glossop 

Paul Glossop, relatively new to the business, founded Pure Property Investment seven years ago as a one-of-a-kind, full-service buyers’ agency. His company has expanded rapidly in a short period. It received the 2017 Optus My Business Award for Property Business of the Year and was a finalist for the 2017 REB Awards. Making the complex simple and empowering investors to achieve more than they initially believe is possible are two of Paul’s greatest thrills.


A competent buyer’s agent guides you through the difficulties and risks of real estate while providing a streamlined, stress-free property buying experience. The “best in the show” take it a step further by paying close attention to your property-related objectives. Finding such a buyer’s agent, however, can be difficult. The information in this article can assist you if you’re having problems locating the ideal buyer’s agent in Australia. 


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