Which Cleaning Services Are Right For Me?

Choosing the perfect cleaning service for your needs is vital to ensure that your property, whether commercial or domestic, is as clean as you’d like it.

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Understanding what each cleaning service brings to your property is important so that you can choose the right one. So, we thought we’d break down all of the cleaning services that Cleaning Express offers our customers across London so that you can always choose the perfect cleaning services for your needs.

Our Domestic Cleaning Services

Maid Cleaning Services

These domestic cleaning services involve the daily cleaning tasks that you do not have time to do. This could be hoovering, dusting, washing clothes, stacking the dishwasher, emptying bins, mopping the kitchen floor, for example. These cleaning services are designed to help you keep a tidy home.

Check out this cleaning Services guide from eMaids of NYC.

Deep Cleaning Services

Our deep clean services are for when you haven’t cleaned for a while. These are great for anyone who has just moved into a property that has seen better days. Or, if you haven’t had time to clean in a few months, our deep clean team can give your entire property a deep clean and transform it back into the home you love.

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Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Services

This cleaning services are available with most of our other cleaning services as additions. Still, you’re more than welcome to use these cleaning services by themselves too. We will bring carpets and furniture back to life very quickly with these cleaning services. Carpet cleaning and deep cleaning really go hand in hand and can transform a home!

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services

If you’re getting ready to move out of a rental property, this is the cleaning service to use. Our cleaners can clean the entire property and get it ready to hand the keys back to your landlord. This is the best cleaning service to use to make moving a stress-free experience.

Antiviral Cleaning Services

Whether you want to prepare for the colder months or protect your family from Covid-19, this is the perfect service. We can enter your home (safely, of course) and spray an antiviral cleaning solution. This will kill the bacteria in your home and create a protective layer over everything, even soft furnishings.

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After Building Cleaning Services

While many builders tidy up after themselves, plenty don’t, and we created this cleaning service to help our customers get their homes cleaned after they have had builders in their property. Brick dust gets everywhere, so while our cleaners will focus their attention on the area where the building work took place, we can also clean your entire home if it is needed.

After Party Cleaning Services

If you’re having a party and you know that you may not fancy cleaning the day after, book in for our after party cleaning services. Our cleaning team can come in and tidy up quickly and perfectly. These services are also available before a party too, if you want to get your home ready for a party as well.

That is our domestic cleaning services, but what about commercial cleaning services? Well, Cleaning Express also offers the best commercial cleaning services across London, and here is a breakdown of these cleaning services too.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Our commercial cleaning services are split into categories depending on the business that you have. So, our commercial cleaning services include:

Regular office cleaning services
Retail cleaning
Gym cleaning
School cleaning
Restaurant cleaning
Car showroom cleaning
Communal cleaning services
and more.

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All of the commercial cleaning services above are regular cleaning services. You can organise our cleaners to come to your commercial property once a day, once a week or once a month. It just depends on your needs. They will dust, hoover, sweep, mop and more to ensure that your business is clean and tidy for your staff and gives a great first impression to your customers.

We also offer our deep cleaning services to our commercial customers too. These are perfect if you’ve just moved into an office space that has been left in a bit of a sorry state, for example. We also offer antiviral and Coronavirus cleaning services that protect your customers and your staff from the spread of illnesses.

We hope you have found a cleaning service above that is perfect for your home or your business. Give Cleaning Express a call today to have a chat about our cleaning services. If you didn’t see a cleaning service that is perfect for you above, we can customise our cleaning services to suit you, so give Cleaning Express a call today!


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