Which Comes First During a Kitchen Remodel – Flooring or Cabinets?

Kitchen remodeling projects can often be challenging due to unforeseen complications, especially structural issues. Meticulous planning can mitigate delays and ensure the timely completion of the project. The experts at High Bridge Development, a construction company that builds homes, create flexible plans to accommodate these changes and avoid complications while executing the project to the satisfaction of their clients within the budget and timelines. 

One of the trickiest decisions that kitchen modelers must make is whether they should start work from the floor or the cabinets come first. The secret of the success of kitchen remodeling projects is to balance the various design elements concerning aesthetics and functionality. Being clear about the kind of harmony to achieve with an eye on flow and functionality will ensure that your kitchen serves as an efficient workspace and looks grand.

This article is about the various aspects of floor work and cabinetry that should help you plan kitchen remodeling with a clear-cut understanding of the outcome.

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  • Starting with floors

Starting with floors is an approach that resembles a painter preparing the canvas before applying colorful strokes to create a vibrant picture. Starting the remodeling work with the base sets the stage for the entire design. The floor work lays the foundation of the remodeling work and sets the style and tone that subsequently impacts other choices. The floor is the baseline for designing the different aspects of the remodeling project. When installing cabinets, working your way up from the bottom can safeguard against potential damage.  

Tiles and hardwood are delicate materials prone to dents and scratches caused by heavy cabinet components. If you are doing the floors first, you can plan for a protective buffer to ensure cabinet installation within minimal risks to the floor. Regardless of the choice of floor material, tiles, or hardwood, start the work early to ensure satisfactory completion of the intricate installation process. 

  • Cabinets are central to the kitchen

Cabinets are the most visible objects of the kitchen that influence the style and design considerably besides ensuring functionality. Customizing cabinets helps in proper space utilization and addressing specific storage needs. However, the artistry results from the synchronization between the flooring and cabinets, which should complement each other. The aesthete of the space reaches excellent height due to the best harmonious connection between the cabinets and the flooring.

Photo by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash

Installation of cabinets involves meticulous planning, and proper layout and measurements are crucial to ensure flawless alignment of the cabinets with the flooring. Another important work that precedes cabinet installation is prepping the walls and providing reinforcements for better support. The better the groundwork, the more perfect will be the cabinet installation.  

Deciding whether to start with flooring or vice versa is a matter of personal preference based on practicality. However, finding a middle ground by paying attention to both elements is the best approach in kitchen remodeling that can create a captivating kitchen with the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Make sure that you work with a reliable service provider.


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