White Apartment with Flexible and High Gloss Interiors in New York

A white apartment is something that you don’t really see very often and we’re interested in seeing such projects and sharing with you. Spotted on Dash Marshall LLC. website, this beautiful minimalist white apartment located in NYC was renovated according to clients’ wishes to make the most of their 715 square feet space and everything ( books, shoes, clothes, etc.) could be hidden from view. In other words, the most free space they have, the better.


Simplicity in every detail and highly flexibility are the words that describes in general lines “The Apartment for Space-Age Lovers”. Smooth surfaces, strong reflections and high-gloss built-in storage, all completely designed in white, allow the inhabitants to always reconfigure the spaces according their needs and desires and create a sense of depth which is exactly what a small home should have. Highly inspirational, the bedroom and living room can be annexed by a flexible zone called Black Hole or optionally kept closed as a large walk-through closet space. The use of white and the natural light that reaches through large windows create a feel of serenity to the overall appearance of the space. Althoug many of us would find drawbacks in such an apartment design, there are lots of good things to say about a white home.










Photos: © Elizabeth Wentling.


Project details:

  • Location: Manhattan, USA
  • Size: 715 sq f. /70 sq m.
  • Scope: Full Renovation
  • Function: Home


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