White Desk Chair by George Nelson

If you look to improve your office design, a white desk chair can be a very attractive addition to consider. White furniture in general brings out the best in any space and it’s a great choice whatever your design style is. Although many of us are afraid to make a statement with white, because it  requires more attention than usual, using white in the office can be quite interesting. Versatile and contemporary, white goes perfectly with any color scheme, so a white desk chair can be a fresh and appealing visual touch to your workspace. The Nelson Swag Leg Chair is one of the iconic designs created by American industrial designer George Nelson, who was one of the founders of the American Modernism.



Although 50 years old, this white great looking chair is completely contemporary and is more functional than ever. This stylish and elegant chair has a unique and innovative sculptural shape that fits the body and makes it very comfortable: shell-shaped seat separated from the back but glued together, flat arms to provide a comfortable place to rest forearms and curved chrome legs which were a Nelson innovation. With 21st century innovations in technology and material, today’s shells are fully authentic and made of recyclable polypropylene.


Nelson Swag Leg Chair is that kind of piece of furniture that through its amazing aesthetic design which have already become a classic one, transform a dull office area into a modern one. It perfectly fits today’s needs just as it did when it was first introduced, in 1958. Manufactured by Herman Miller, the chair can also be ordered in different options, making it a versatile choice.



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