Why 2018 Offices are Turning to the Demountable Wall System

We’ve seen some major leaps being made in recent office design and its trends. There’s the ongoing debate between the office cubicle vs. the open-plan office, the increasing desire to “modernize” your office space, modular office systems and furniture, and the growing variations of ergonomic solutions. Interior designers, architects, and business owners are searching for design concepts and layouts that offer more than just a visually appealing office space. Which is why an increasing number of businesses are introducing the demountable wall system to their work environments.


Their obvious professional, modern, and clean appearance is just one advantage of this trending wall system. A few other benefits include:

  • Functionality and design
  • Modular flexibility
  • Visually stunning appearance
  • Durability
  • A quicker return on investment and tax breaks resulting from faster depreciation than drywall
  • Fast and easy installation and reconfiguration
  • Increased sustainability


Along with the modern and clean appearance that designers and business owners desire for an office space, the ability that glass possesses to make any space seem bigger, and the feel of an open office space and a connection between offices and the employees that work in them, the demountable wall system is also extremely flexible in its design capabilities. The use of this wall system allows complete modular flexibility for your office space.

These versatile walls can be installed and reconfigured quickly and easily with no additional construction to create any office solution; including large private offices, conference rooms, huddle rooms, or it can be simply used as room dividers or office partitions. Unlike with drywall, your wall configurations are unlimited. Therefore, making the system an excellent cost-saving strategy because there’s no need to invest in new cubicle solutions or offices as your space grows, changes, or relocates.

Speaking of being cost-effective, the use of glass partitions allows natural light to flow throughout your office, limiting the need for bright, fluorescent lights; resulting in a reduced electric bill as well. The options to add data and electric to the raceways for lighting, phone, internet, etc. is also available to add to your environmentally friendly system. Laminate or fabric panels may be added to your customizable height demountable wall panels giving you even more design freedom.


With the ability to add hinged, pivoting, sliding, or telescoping doors to your wall system, you can make any room a private and distraction-free space. A variety of finishes allows you to add unique and personal design elements to your space. Even add storage solutions to your wall, creating a complete office environment containing all the necessities with just one system.

With office spaces becoming increasingly more difficult to acquire, and decreasing in size throughout the years, the demountable wall system is the ideal solution to making use of all possible floor space and arranging your workspaces for maximum functionality. Because each panel column is installed individually, you have the freedom to configure the walls in various shapes, without being limited to square or rectangular rooms.

Besides the clear visually appealing, functional, and design flexibility advantages, the demountable wall system also provides cost-saving, tax, and other financial benefits as well. Making it the obvious solution for any office setting. This explains why the famous demountable wall system is one of the most popular office trends of 2018. Not only will you be able to create your perfect office space within your budget and time-frame, but you’ll have an office system that grows, alters, and travels with you and your company.

Author Bio:

Taylor Landis is the lead content marketing and cubicle specialist for Skutchi Designs, a national office cubicle manufacturer specializing in 2 unique cubicle systems and a proprietary demountable wall system that has been heralded by leading architects and designers all over the country. Taylor writes on everything from office interior design to cubicle installation to office decor. She regularly guest posts for major industries and websites, including sites like coworker.com and theeconomist.com.


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