Why a Flat Roof is a Good Option for Homeowners

When it comes to residential roofing, sloped roofs are the first things that come to most people’s minds – but there’s more to roofing than the mainstream sloped options. Take flat roofs, for example. They are most commonly installed on commercial properties and haven’t gained a reputation as a residential roofing option. However, with the material improving and the preference for minimalist home designs growing, flat roofs have been given the opportunity to shine and establish a presence with homeowners.


Why is it a good option for homeowners?

A flat roof is:

  • Budget-friendly. There are many types of flat roofs in varying price points to meet any budget might you have. What generally makes a flat roof budget-friendly is that it is easier to install than a sloped roof.Flat-Roof-2
  • Easy and safe to maintain. You shouldn’t be walking on roofs but if you had to, the level surface of a flat roof ensures your stability. Because you can walk on them, they are easier to inspect, allowing you to spot problems quicker and carry out repairs when needed. And when you do, repairs are usually simple, such as simple patching and resealing around areas with seams. Aside from regular inspections, a flat roof sometimes calls for routine cleaning, which is also easy to do given its low incline.Flat-Roof-3
  • Roofs are typically designed with one goal in mind: to protect a property from the elements. Flat roofs can do all that and even more. Given the watertight nature of the roofing membranes used in flat roofing, rooftop gardens or green roofs may be added to homes, if preferred. This is a great option when homeowners are looking to add greenery but don’t have room for a lawn on the ground level.Flat-Roof-4
  • Energy-efficient. Whether you’re simply looking to save on costs or just want to do your part to help the environment, energy efficiency is increasingly becoming a concern for many homeowners. The good news: a flat roof makes it possible for you to enjoy both by limiting the amount of heat that is absorbed and transferred into your home. Thanks to reflective properties, many types of flat roofing can bounce back heat from the sun, keeping the indoor temperature of your home cooler. Avoiding excessive heat helps your home stabilize its indoor environment, keeping your HVAC system from overworking to meet heating and cooling needs. And when your HVAC system is not needlessly using power, it will manifest in a lower energy bill for you.Flat-Roof-5

I hope you’ve learned that flat roofs have a lot to offer. As more and more homeowners realize what this roofing option can do for them, flat roofs will continue to gain in popularity.

Author Bio:

A senior roofing technician with JCB Roofing, Adam Buchanan boasts more than 15 years of experience in the roofing, restoration and construction fields. He enjoys sharing his on-the-job experiences and ideas from the field on the JCB Roofing company blog.


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