Why choose Quartz Worktops over Granite

Finishing your kitchen with a magnificent granite or quartz worktop looks attractive and increases the value of your home.

While quartz and granite worktops may look similar at a glance, they are completely different in their manufacture.

Granite worktops are quarried as huge slabs and sent for cutting and polishing. Quartz counters are made from crushed rock bonded together with resin and formed in a mold.

Quartz vs. Granite

Quartz counters are slightly flexible due to the resin bonding, this makes for a forgiving installation when compared to granite tops.

Quartz worktops are not porous and do not require sealing like granite tops. They require no maintenance and are stain resistant.

If you do not seal your granite tops correctly, the porous nature of the rock will absorb moisture. Ruining your new countertop because of insufficient sealing workmanship can require a costly replacement.

Joining a quartz worktop is a simple task. Quartz is usually made in large slabbed sections and then cut to length. Matching up the color and hiding the seams is easy. The even manufacturing and coloring process gives you a continuous flow to the countertop.

Granite is a lot more specialized to install and match because each counter is cut from stone and each cut is unique. Matching the right shade and pattern of the granite pieces for the counter can be a challenge.

Solid granite counters are a lot heavier than quartz worktops, you will need professional delivery and installation, increasing the cost of your countertop.

Comparing the cost of Granite and Quartz Worktops

Quarrying, logistics, cutting and polishing granite countertops is a much more labor intensive exercise than manufacturing quartz worktops.

The installation of a granite counter is a specialized process that needs to be handled by professionals that are experienced.

If the granite counter is chipped, scuffed or broken in transport or installation, the counter will need to be replaced completely. While this risk is not for the customer to undertake, it adds overall costs to the manufacturing company that are passed onto consumers in the average price of their product.

Quartz counters have a much easier manufacturing process and thus a lower price tag compared to granite. They still look very attractive and give your kitchen worktop a stone style work surface.

The Final Effect

When the quartz worktop is finally fitted to your kitchen counter, the effect is clean, elegant and stylish. For added effect, install some splash backs to corner off the wall edges. Choose your quartz worktops from a variety of colors and patterns to match your kitchen’s design theme.

5031 Statuario Maximus by caeserstone, durable quartz worktops.

Granite always looks amazing when it’s installed and polished up. While you have little say in the way of nature’s masterful pattern design and color techniques, it still is breathtaking to behold.

The Verdict

Granite is great, but you can’t beat the value, style, and variety that’s found in quartz worktops. Unless you are custom designing a contemporary luxury home, stick to quartz, it looks great and adds value to your home while saving you on your kitchen design budget.


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