Why Do You Need a Strong Mattress Foundation?


You can purchase the best top-quality mattress you can find, but without a reliable foundation, that mattress will undergo an unfair amount of stress within a couple of months. A sturdy and quality mattress foundation is essential to ensure that the integrity of the bed will last for as long as possible.

Sit back and relax as we here at thesleepadviser.com teach you the importance of having a quality foundation for your mattress. We will also be discussing what makes a good mattress foundation so that you are guaranteed you will purchase the foundation best suited for your mattress.

Importance of a Quality Mattress Foundation

  • Comfort Levels

The mattress is the most essential factor to consider when it comes to a comfortable bed. However, without the correct foundation, you won’t be able to appreciate what the mattress can genuinely offer fully. The foundation will be carrying the weight so think of it as the part that will absorb the most punishment.

The combination of a quality mattress and a solid foundation will result in optimized support on your body while also alleviating and optimizing pressure points. A mattress alone will not be able to accomplish both which is why the foundation is the secret ingredient to a good night’s rest.

  • Elevation Adjustment

There are adjustable mattress foundations as well. This type of bed base has elevation adjustment options which allow you to position the bed straight or inclined. The ability to adjust the height of the head and foot of the bed is an excellent feature for those who want to customize their sleeping position further.

  • Air Flow Circulation

Mattresses should offer excellent airflow, especially if you live in tropical areas. As you would have guessed, placing a mattress over a solid flat surface will significantly limit its capability to circulate airflow and control temperature. Lack of adequate air flow will also cause the mattress to develop molds faster.

A foundation that incorporates a base that features a grill design is a perfect choice to ensure that the mattress will get the appropriate amount of air circulation. This, in turn, will mitigate mold build up and allow the mattress to maintain a comfortable temperature even during hot summer nights.

  • Improves Mattress Longevity

A quality foundation for your mattress not only guarantees good quality sleep but also ensures your mattress will last as long as it can. This is a central reason for getting a quality mattress foundation. Mattresses are designed to be used for a decade or more, by utilizing the right foundation you can guarantee that your bed will be able to reach that lifespan, and maybe even beyond.

What to Look for in a Good Quality Mattress Foundation/Bed Base

There are several factors you need to look for to ensure that the mattress foundation you will be buying will be up to standards. By making sure you consider these factors you will be assured that you will land on the best possible mattress foundation. Below are key aspects that must be confirmed before making a purchase:

  • Durable and Solid Construction

The mattress foundation will be supporting both the weight of the mattress as well as anyone who will be using it. Thus, it is vital that the bed base is well built and stable. It should be able to carry the total weight without bending or breaking.

You should also take note that older mattress foundations are designed for older mattresses. Mattresses from a few years ago are lighter compared to modern latex mattresses. This might put undue stress on the bed base as it is not designed to support that extra weight. If you have a latex mattress, be sure to purchase a modern bed base.

  • Fewer Metal Parts, the Better

Older mattress foundations incorporate the use of metal spring coils; however, metal can experience a build-up of electromagnetic radiation over time. In a couple of years, within the right environment, you might find your bed to be an antenna that invariably causes light static shocks once the temperature dips.

Using a bed base made mostly from wood will prevent this issue from occurring. Of course, a bed base made entirely of wood will also come with its downsides, so make sure that the construction is of top-notch quality.

Final Thoughts

The mattress and foundation are two vital parts of the sleep system. Both have an important responsibility to improve the quality of sleep while also improving every element in between. Put, combining a top-quality mattress with a top-notch foundation is a sure-fire way to guarantee that you will get the best quality sleep on a regular and long-term basis.


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