Why do you need power washing?

In this current age where everyone wants to save money and go green, power washing is a great way to do both.

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By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll know why you should use power washing and how it can help your business or home be more energy efficient.

Power washing Overview

The simple fact is that soap and water don’t cut it to really get things clean effectively. Soap has its place in some commercial facilities such as automatic car washes but not many other places. Power washing is a process that uses pressurized water as a cleaning agent. By using extreme pressure via the power washer through thousands of quickly spinning blades, the dirt and grime get knocked off and away from surfaces so they can be rinsed completely clean.

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Power washing benefits

There have been a few studies done on the benefits of power washing, and they all pretty much come to the same conclusion: power washing makes your home or business live longer. Here’s a shortlist of a few of the most important reasons why you should consider investing in power washing services when it comes time to do some spring cleaning. Check Baltimore Pressure Wash for all your power washing requirements. 

This blackish-brown substance is not only unsightly, but it carries mildew that gets into areas like carpets, tiles, grout lines, and air ducts, where it spreads quickly and easily. 

It keeps mold from growing – even small amounts of water left for days, weeks, even months will cause mold to grow at an alarming rate. By power washing building surfaces at least once a year, you are removing the mold spores before they have a chance to cause major problems indoors.

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Evens out paint – If your business or home has been painted in the last few years, then you will be able to see stark differences in color between high and low areas after only one power washing. Since most of us don’t invest in expensive painting equipment like sprayers, using an automated car wash is one of the best ways to ensure that your paint job looks even all over when it’s dry. Power washers can also remove paint from areas where someone may not want to lose any paint, but for example, this could include thin strips around windows or other thin spots where dirt collects faster than paint.

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It’s less toxic – Most of the time, power washing is a better choice than other types of cleaning because it reduces the number of chemicals you have to bring into your home or business, which means a lower chance of chemical spills and toxicity issues. However, if you are sensitive to fumes or odors, there are special low-impact cleaners available today through companies like Simple Green which will make sure you can still get rid of dirt and grime while minimizing environmental impact.

It removes grease. Just about every foodservice operation has grease traps installed under their sinks to keep sewer backups out of their kitchen facilities. With build up over time, these grease traps can cause all sorts of plumbing problems down the road, including backups


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