Why Every Bedroom Should Have a Weighted Blanket

Everyone’s bedroom should be a place of rest, where you feel calm and relaxed. There are various different ways you can make your bedroom an optimal place for this, creating a space to alleviate the everyday stresses of life, and promote a healthy sleep. Weighted blankets are perfect for this, as they are designed to alleviate stress and anxiety, whilst also helping to improve sleep.

To Help Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

Weighted blankets can help to alleviate stress and anxiety by providing the brain with proprioceptive input. Our brains are constantly sending signals around our body to try and place it in a space. When feedback from these signals is insufficient, it can cause confusion in the brain, resulting in stress and restlessness.

When designed correctly, weighted blankets can help the brain to receive information about where the body is quicker, which can make the body more relaxed, and help us to unwind. 

Having a weighted blanket in your bedroom can therefore help you to unwind by providing the brain with proprioceptive input, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation within the space. 

To Help with Insomnia and Other Sleep Issues

Weighted blankets can also help to promote sleep. In recent years there have been an increasing amount of studies conducted into the effectiveness of weighted blankets. These studies have related the use of weighted blankets with increased amounts of sleep and better sleep patterns overall. 

Those with sleep issues such as insomnia can therefore benefit from weighted blankets, as they can help to promote healthy quantities and qualities of sleep and further overall wellbeing.

Having a weighted blanket in your bedroom can therefore help to optimise it for sleep, helping to create the calming environment that’s needed for this. 

Calming Blanket sell a range of different products to help promote sleep, including weighted blankets. All blankets from Calming Blanket are designed with even weight distribution to allow its users to experience the full effects it can bring, and soft fabric to further promote relaxation.   

To Promote Sleep in General

Weighted blankets can be beneficial for everyone, not just those who struggle with their sleep. There are a lot of people who use weighted blankets to reach the deep REM stage of sleep faster. 

Whatever your relationship with sleep, weighted blankets can therefore help to improve both quality and quantity of it, which can further productivity levels and wellbeing. 


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