Why Fall is the Perfect Season for Home Renovations

Summer gets all the attention from eager homeowners on a mission to renovate. Perhaps it’s because people spend the winter dwelling on what’s wrong with their home (you’re inside most of the time, after all). Maybe it’s because they spend the winter dreaming of all the changes they would make if the weather permitted.

But here’s a plug for a sometimes-overlooked season of renovation: the fall. Arguably, fall is the better time of year to lay out a plan, roll up your sleeves, and start enacting changes around the home.

If you didn’t get around to your summer reno plans and are considering waiting until next spring to retry, think again. There’s no need to wait – fall can be the perfect season for home renovations. With a plan in mind, a budget in place, and a one stop shop for your renovation needs at the ready, you can start right away.

Beat the Summer Heat

When it comes to renovations, one of the greatest advantages fall has over summer is climate. If you’ve ever labored under the summer sun, you can attest to the discomfort. Whether you’re landscaping, tiling, roofing, or re-caulking, the summer rays are a major impediment to a careful, comfortable job.

Even if you aren’t DIYing, chances are you still have to be active in the process of managing or overseeing professionals. Rather than waste your warm summer keeping tabs on your renovation projects, do everyone a favor and save the work until fall. It’s milder, more comfortable weather for everyone, and you can save your summers for leisure and outdoor enjoyment.

Get Prepared in Time for Winter

The thinking around spring projects is that you want to prepare your home in time for summer enjoyment, but summer is a season most people spend outdoors anyways. It’s better to prepare your home for the winter, when you spend most of your time indoors.

Home renovations to improve efficiency are particularly beneficial. Inefficient windows and doors, for instance, cause you to pay more on your energy bill throughout the winter. A damaged roof can lead to leaks, infestations, and ice damming in the winter. To avoid these financial and emotional headaches, it’s best to get them out of the way in the fall.

Create a More Enjoyable Home Experience

Finally, part of preparing your home for winter is making sure it’s as liveable as possible. You will likely spend the bulk of your time indoors over the winter, so it makes sense to invest in home enjoyment. That might mean redoing the bathroom to improve fixtures, water pressure, and aesthetics. It might mean renovating the kitchen to make your at-home cooking more enjoyable. Or it could entail installing new windows to allow abundant natural light into your home.

Don’t wait around until next year just because you missed your summer window of opportunity for renovations. For a more comfortable autumn experience, and to prepare your house for the winter, undertake your renovations this fall.


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