Why Foundation Repair Is Important For Your Home

The foundation of a home is one of the most important aspects of the structure – without a good foundation, the home cannot stand. Unfortunately, over the years of existence, foundations can inadvertently get damaged.

A damaged foundation is no good for a building. The primary way to prevent further damage is foundation repairs. A foundation repair can either be preventative or rehabilitative. Regardless of which one, foundation repair is essential for several reasons. These include:

  1. Full Structural Audit Of Your Home

Many homeowners never know the exact state of their building until there is visible damage. Thankfully, you can get a full structural audit by employing the services of a professional foundation repair companies, such as oriolebasementwaterproofing.com.

Audits can provide information on the current state of your foundation, the likely causes of damage in your structure, and a host of other information.

  1. Reinforced Building Foundation

Homes suffer from progressive foundation deterioration. When a foundation repair is carried out, a building foundation is better reinforced and stable. Such reinforcements account for a safer home and more structurally stable buildings.

An even better option is preventative foundation repair in newer homes. This type of foundation repair can further protect your home’s foundation from the expected pattern of damage.

  1. Avoid Major Structural Problems

Signs of foundational damage might start with a little crack at first, but it is bound to increase if foundation repair is not done in time. A full-blown foundational problem can result in permanent deformation or eventual collapse.

The best way to keep a basement dry is a proper basement drain system – which can channel water away from your foundation. The basement drain system ensures that the soil around and under the home’s foundation doesn’t get oversaturated with water that can’t drain off. Water that can’t drain off will find a way into the basement.

Progressive foundation damages spell doom for a structure. Avoid such problems by carrying out a foundation repair.

  1. Prevents Plumbing Problems

Plumbers use foundations to conceal water piping systems. These fittings are prone to damage in a faulty foundation. Foundation damages can result in serious plumbing issues in your building, including pipe leakage and breakage.

These plumbing issues are known to be difficult to fix. There is also the risk of actually missing out on such problems for an extended period, compounding the foundation’s problems. There are also damages to piping through walls when a foundation moves. 

Foundation repair can help prevent any plumbing damages.

  1. Avoid High Repair Costs

The progressive nature of foundational damage amounts to rising costs of repair. If a foundation is allowed to remain damaged for a long time, it is bound to require higher costs to repair. For instance, a crack will always be easier to fix than a collapsed wall.

Much-progressed foundational damage will result in significant problems. Such a scale of damage will require several steps to solve than a one-off treatment in the case of simpler damage to a building. Thus, for foundations, early detection and repair can help reduce costs for the homeowner; the earlier it is pegged, the better it is.

  1. Prevents Pest Invasions

Pests love the environment around a damaged foundation. Such an environment is marked with dark, damp, and unreachable crawl spaces. In such environments, it may become home to different types of insects, rodents, and reptiles. 

After a prolonged existence in the substructure of a home, pests and insects are bound to invade the home. By repairing your foundation, you can avoid this undesirable experience.

  1. Decreased Resale Value

You never know if you would like to sell a home in the future. Even when you don’t plan to sell, your building can depreciate with a damaged foundation. Such depreciation can negatively impact your home’s resale value.

If a buyer can see signs of foundation damage in your home, they know there will be a lot of work required. This opens the likelihood that you will be offered less for the home than it should be. 

If you want to considerably raise your home’s resale value, go for foundation repair.

  1. A Reassurance of Building Safety

Few things can reassure a homeowner of their building stability, like knowing the foundation’s stability. With some form of foundation repair carried out in your building, you can be sure no harm is coming to either the structure or its inhabitants. 

The reassurance you are bound to get from a foundation repair is enough reason to carry out repairs soon.


Foundation repair is both a preventative and rehabilitative measure. Employing the services of a foundation repair can provide you with useful information on the state of your building structure.

Actual foundation repairs help reinforce the foundation, whether it is progressively damaged or new. You can avoid major structural and plumbing problems with foundation repair. Also, you’re able to reduce the costs of repair by carrying out foundation repair as soon as possible. You also prevent pest and insect invasions with a foundational repair. Lastly, raise the value of your property and make sure it is safe with foundation repair efforts.


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