Why it is necessary to maintain the cordless pole saw?

It is very necessary that you maintain your pole saw so that it remains in a working condition and the life is also increased. This should be the utmost priority of owner. It increases the durability of the instrument and also minimizes any chances of accidents. Some tips to remember when using pole saws People who are using pole saw on regular basis should remember the following things

  • Always keep your instrument neat and tidy. Wipe off any dust and dirt from the instrument.
  • Before starting to work with the instrument ensure that all the triggers and buttons are working properly.
  • In case of gas pole saw ensure there is no leakage.
  • Keep the air filter clear and clean.
  • The fuel tank should be cleaned every month.
  • In electrical saw keep a check on cables so that there is no damage. 

Cordless pole saws

Plants and trees are the part and parcel of our environment. When you have planted trees in your house, pruning of branches is necessary so as to give branches a good shape. This can be done with the help of cordless pole saw.  Pole saw is also called pole pruner. A mini chainsaw is installed in it. The length of the pole can be increased upto 8 inches. With the help of pole saw branches can be cut instead of tree trunk. This is the best tool to trim the branches.

Tips for maintenance of cordless pole saw

Maintenance of the pole saw is very important to increase the life of pole saw.

  • Ensure that chain oil reservoir is completely filled up till highest bar before starting
  • There should not be any loose screws and bolts
  • Check for any damage to pole before starting
  • Sharpen the pole saw blades with correct chain tension
  • Loose the tension when chain is tightened when operating
  • Keeping oiling the chain passages manually
  • Chain spinning should be kept free
  • Pole saw should be cleaned with damp cloth

Tips to use Cordless pole saw

The best option is to use best power to weight ratio pole saw. The best equipment supported by all features should be chosen to get the work completed. If you consider a pole saw of 14 pound it is not much heavy, but when lifted with the pole heaviness can be felt. It is important that a correct pole saw with ideal weight is chosen. It should also be remembered to operate the pole saw in correct manner to ensure safety. If you haven’t bought your pole saw yet, Check this list yourself to make sure you get your hands on the best of the best.

Correct grasp

When you hold pole saw ensure that both feet are firm and in the correct position. Keep your feet balanced. Feet should not be taken off the ground.  And moreover, the hands should be on pole saw while operating.

  • Complete and thorough check of the area
  • While cutting makes sure that the surrounding area is clear without any property lines or property.
  • Climatic changes
  • Do not use your pole saw during windy or rainy day.

Check the tree condition

Check the condition of the tree before cutting. A loose bark or rotten area can cause a different reaction while you cut with pole saw. During such conditions necessary precautions should be taken. Cordless pole saws are quite handy and easy to use. With a little maintenance the life of pole saw be increased.  Only the limitation here is battery running time. It reduces the work of carrying the power cord from one point to another. Today many people around the world prefer this kind of pole saw.  This is because of the portability it offers. It also reduces the chances of tangling of power cord.  Apart from this it also prevents the cutting of the cord accidently.


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