Why Klever Chose Pink To Be Their Color?

Case Study: how klever.co.nz used PINK branding to take over the residential carpet cleaning market of Auckland, New Zealand

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There are seven colors in a rainbow- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. And yet, the carpet cleaners, Klever, decided to go with pink for the color of their brand. 

Klever was started in the year 2018 with a mission to target consumer carpet cleaning in Auckland. Since then, the brand has made significant process because of its values and services. The brand is known for its excellent services, which are reflected in its customer support and trained staff. 

Prioritizing customer experience has been the brand’s motto. It does not use services from third parties but instead employs and trains its staff to give you the best service. 

But let us address the elephant in the room. Why pink? Let us find the answer.

  • Uses color psychology.

Color psychology plays an important role in how we perceive a particular brand. Different colors represent different things – red represents passion, yellow represents passion, blue represents stability, and many more. Similarly, pink represents compassion. The brand’s color tells a lot about its personality and values. By using the color pink, the brand wants to make its way into your lives to nurture a lifelong friendship of good service. 

  • Promotes brand.

Strong branding should be easily recognized. Visualization is a big part when you promote a brand. Pink is a color that can be easily recognized, and the color also signifies friendship and harmony. By painting our vans and website pink, we increase our chances of getting recognized and approached because people find the color friendly. 

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  • Easy advertisement.

Instead of paying to be on huge billboards and running ads in magazines and newspapers, the brand took a different road for advertisements. There is no one on the road who does not recognize the brand when the van passes by. The pink van is a head-turner and grabs everyone’s attention. With the brand name and contact information written in big letters on the van, it becomes easy for people to contact and enquire about the services of the brand. 

  • Free marketing.

When you google carpet cleaners in Auckland, Google lists multiple numbers of websites and contact information. The brand took off by choosing the color pink for easy and almost free marketing. A pink van with huge letters guarantees that the brand is seen by everyone on the road and potential clients. Even if someone lands on Klever’sr website, the pink color attracts their attention and makes them contact the brand for its services. 

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Whatever may be the reason they choose pink to be their brand color, they are more known for their outstanding services. The hassle-free and no-fuss services of any brand are premia, And this is what Klever serves you with. You can contact them via their website, or you can even book a slot online to get your carpet cleaned. They can also cater to cleaning your upholstery, including couches, mattresses, chairs, and others. Festive time is just around the corner; make sure your home is squeaky clean. 


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