Why Office Design Is An Essential Productivity Factor

There is a reason that libraries are designed in the way they are, prompting quiet work and productivity. Offices can take on the same consideration and work to engineer an environment that is going to get the most from each team member.

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After all, isn’t productivity the point of an office environment? The problem is, offices tend to be set in one way and never really reviewed despite new hires and even new departments being introduced to that environment. Today we are going to look at how office design can be essential to productivity and tips to getting it right.

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Catering to departmental needs

Modern commercial office fit-outs are starting to think more creatively about the spaces they design for a multifaceted business. Cubicle designs and a quiet quarter of the office might be absolutely ideal for a finance team who are often engrossed in deep work and adhering to a deadline, whereas an open plan space might appeal to sales and marketing professionals. So why can’t you cater to both? If your business employs different professionals and has a range of services, you need to be considering the needs of each of these departments. Is there a way you can separate the collaborative teams from the production-based teams?

Meeting rooms and hubs

Do you offer break-out spaces for your team to work or do they have to leave the office to seek that sort of environment? Setting up a dedicated space for teams to brainstorm, plan and meet freely will keep them productive as they can easily transition into these zones without having to decide where to go instead. It also saves these team members from just conversing publicly in the office and disrupting others who are not involved in the issue or project. If you have a spare office or under-utilised space, set about turning this into a productive hub for your team to work in.

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Lunch rooms

It can look pretty edgy to have an open plan kitchen and coffee station in the middle of the office, but how effective is that really? Naturally, your team is going to converse in this lunch room space when preparing lunch or eating it – so try your best to insulate this area from the working office so you can separate work time from break time. This might seem pretty basic, but often little care is shown when setting up an office, and the long-term effects are rarely acknowledged but they are always felt.

In saying that, you should absolutely encourage your team to be social and relaxed in the lunch room because that is going to keep them productive during the day – but just ensure that noise does not carry to the rest of the office!

Fostering inspiration

It might sound shallow, but a good looking office can do wonders for productivity. We all want to settle into a space that we resonate with, and it’s not unbelievable that we would work harder in an office that is geared to modern technology and comforts. If it has been a while since you have upgraded the surroundings, flow, furniture and overall design of your office – it might be time to review. Regardless of what your business does, you want to be inspiring your team day in and day out, and a worthy office fit-out is going to do just that.

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We hope you take this advice on board and start to think more deeply about the message your office is sending and how it is geared to productivity. If in doubt, ask your team what they think! They are the ones who are working in these spaces and they are the ones who control productivity.


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