Why Renovate the Residential Bathroom?

   For a large number of homeowners, the bathroom is more than just a room for taking a shower. It is an integral feature of the home and is often the one of the first things that a prospective homeowner looks at when thinking of buying a new home.

There are several valid reasons that justify the need to spend money on bathroom renovations in Perth. Discussed below are a few of these valid reasons for those not sure whether a bathroom renovation is worth the penny.banner22

Bathroom Renovation Increases the Value of the Home

One of the greatest benefits of undertaking bathroom renovations in Perth is the fact that this will have a profound positive impact on the value of the home. As earlier stated, the state of the bathroom or bathrooms around the house is often top on the list of priorities for prospective homeowners looking for a new home. A renovated bathroom can therefore be used as a bargaining chip for a higher market price for the house.

However, this should not be taken to mean that bathroom renovations in Perth should only be undertaken by homeowners looking to sell their house. Remodeling can also help to fetch higher income from rental properties. It goes without saying that even homeowners not looking to sell or rent out their property will enjoy the prospect of having a more valuable home.

Bathroom Renovation Allows for Greater Space Utilization

Another great reason to undertake bathroom renovations in Perth is that this activity gives the homeowner the opportunity to get the most out of the available bathroom space. This can be achieved by simply changing the bathroom layout and through the creation of custom spaces around the bathroom area. For example, bathroom renovations allow the homeowner to introduce larger cabinets in the bathroom area, increase the counter space, and create additional storage space for towels and so on.

It is also possible to create additional space in the bathroom when renovating. This can be done through the installation of wall storage units such as cabinets and open shelves among several others.

Bathroom Renovations Help to Enhance Energy Efficiency        

Undertaking bathroom renovation can also have a great positive impact on the energy efficiency levels around the home. This is because renovation provides the opportunity for more energy efficient features to replace older, less energy-efficient appliances. For example, replacing the old hot water system with a newer more energy-efficient model is bound to reduce the amount of electricity used up by the water heating system.

The reduction in electricity consumption will ultimately translate to lower electricity bills at the end of the particular billing period. From this, it would be correct to state that money spent on bathroom renovations can easily be recovered in the form of long-term power savings.

Renovation Helps to Correct Defective Aspects of the Bathroom

The final justification for spending money on bathroom renovations is the fact that it gives the homeowner an opportunity to correct defective features within the bathroom. Partially broken sinks and faucets, damaged showerheads, and even broken mirrors can easily be fixed during the renovation exercise.

When such defective features are corrected, the safety of bathroom users is greatly enhanced and so is the overall experience of using the bathroom.

From the above discussion, it is clear that undertaking bathroom renovations is worth every penny. For more information related to bathroom renovations, contact the specialists at Kinzone Interior Design.



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