Why Windows are An Important Factor in the Safety of Commercial Buildings

If you are the owner of a commercial space, the safety of the building, the employees, and the contents within it should be your top priority. Employees who feel unsafe will not perform to the best of their ability, while damage or theft to your property could have serious ramifications for your business.

How can you safeguard your commercial building and secure your business? You might be surprised to learn that the kind of windows and window openers you choose to install on your commercial property can have a major impact on its safety. Let’s find out more.

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They Regulate Temperature

The human body is incredibly susceptible to changes in temperature. Being too hot or too cold can affect how we function both physically and mentally. Extremes at either end can even result in serious health implications. Some studies have suggested that the ideal temperature for office spaces is around 22 degrees Celsius. However, this is highly subjective, and will depend on the personal tastes and physical characteristics of the staff in your commercial building.

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For this reason, being able to efficiently regulate the temperature in your office is absolutely crucial. You should be able to quickly open windows when it gets too hot and then close them if it gets too cold. With electric window openers, this process can be carried out remotely from your desk or office. This can save a lot of time and means you won’t have to walk around the building manually opening and closing all the windows.

Fire Safety

Fire in a commercial building is an extremely serious situation and poses a real threat to your staff and your business. It is absolutely vital that you have a fire safety plan in place, failing to do so could land you in legal trouble and damage the reputation of your business.

In the event of a fire, traditional points of exit like doors might not be accessible. This means that your windows must provide suitable escape routes should staff need to exit the building quickly.

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Traditional windows with manual opening mechanisms can often become stuck and difficult to operate. This is less than ideal in the event of a fire when action needs to be taken promptly. Electric windows, on the other hand, offer far more safety benefits. They can be linked to your commercial property’s fire alarm system or programmed to respond to extreme heat or smoke. In such a situation, the windows will open automatically which will prove ventilation from harmful smoke and a potential escape route.

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Remote Operation

We touched on the fact that electric windows can be operated remotely earlier. This attribute can mean they are far safer than their manual alternatives. Commercial buildings often have high ceilings with windows in hard-to-reach areas. Opening these windows can involve climbing a ladder or part of the structure which carries a serious risk of injury. With electric windows, these windows can be opened remotely without any need to put yourself in danger.


Windows are incredibly important for the safety of commercial buildings. Use the advice in this guide to choose the best windows for your property. 


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