Window Shutters 101: Everything You Need to Know About Them

Window panes and curtains are old news. What’s new (and better) are window shutters. Well, to be wildly accurate shutters have been around for centuries, so, technically, you’re going to be retro. 


The important thing is window shutters are here to stay. And, in case you’re wondering, shutters, do offer many practical advantages other than simply enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your window. 

From boosting your room’s privacy to offering superior convenience, shutters tick out all the right boxes. However, simply installing one does not necessarily guarantee all the benefits. The key to harness its optimum benefit lies in understanding some crucial factors, like – 

Do you require an internal or external window shutter?

What type of shutter is ideal for your house? And 

What is the proper way of installing shutters?  

Of course, you can hire professional Shutters Australia service if you require a one-stop solution for all the above queries. Professional shutter companies help you identify the ideal shutter and take care of installations as well.

Here are some of the fundamentals of shutters you need to know before you can decide on installing one on your window.

Difference between interior and exterior shutters 

The first decision you will have to make while considering installing shutters is to choose between internal and external shutters. 

So, what is the difference between the two? 

Interior shutters

As the name suggests, these types of shutters are designed to be installed from the inside. The main advantage is that they offer superior privacy and have a longer life span. This is mainly because they are not exposed directly to sunlight, wind, or rain. 

The downside, however, is that they do not add any aesthetic appeal to your front porch. 

External shutters 

These types of shutters are ideal for providing maximum protection against harsh weather conditions. In addition, external shutters can also boost the visual appeal of your curb. 

However, since they are directly exposed to different weather conditions, it can diminish their lifespan. Also, you might require frequent maintenance as well. 

 What are the different types of window shutters?

Window shutters can be classified based on two factors.

  • Design, and 
  • Type of Material   

In terms of the type of material used, window shutters are of three types. 

  1. Wooden shutters 

Wooden shutters are the traditional type that most people are familiar with. Overall, they provide a good balance between durability and practicality. Of course, they are also the best option to obtain a traditional look.

  1. Plantation shutters 

Plantation shutters are designed ideally to boost the aesthetic appeal of your room (aka, interior shutters). They are also effective for blocking out light and offering good privacy as well. 

In addition, plantation shutters are also the cheapest type of shutters. However, its durability is mediocre at best. 

  1. Composite shutters 

Composite shutters are the equivalent of traditional shutters with a modern twist. They are made of a combination of different materials. Thus, making them extremely durable and also quite elegant at the same time.

The only downside?

Their substantial price tag.   

Different types of window shutters (in terms of design)

  1. Raised panel 

Raised panel shutters look identically similar to a normal kitchen cabinet or doors. They have a low profile and usually come with a single or double raised panel design. They are ideal for home styles such as – 

  • French county 
  • Ranch
  • Colonial 
  • Georgian 
  • Victorian 
  • Cape Cod
  1. Louvered 

Louvered shutters are what most people are familiar with. They have the distinctive angled slant design that makes it possible to control the amount of light penetration. Visually, they are more pronounced compared to other low profile shutters. 

They work best with home styles that have a casual or classic appearance like 

  • Georgian 
  • Federal 
  • Colonial 
  • Victorian 
  • Greek revival
  • Italianate
  1. Board and Batten (aka, BnB)

Board and Batten shutters have a rather old-fashioned design characteristic. As the name suggests, these shutters are made of separate boards (usually 2 or 3) and held together by thin short crosspieces (batten). 

Due to their classic appearance, they fit in ideally with home styles like 

  • French county 
  • Mediterranean
  • Ranch 
  • Cape Cod 
  1. Bahama 

Bahama shutters are unlike any other types of traditional shutters. They are ideal for external usage and also come with an additional top hinge mechanism. They are designed to allow maximum air and light exposure inside the room. 

They are best suited for tropical regions and are also ideal for home styles like 

  • Cottage 
  • Ranch 
  • Cape Cod 


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