Wood Maintenance 101: How To Care For Your Wooden Accessories

Most of your furniture and accessories around the house are made of wood, and they need to be maintained if your goal is to keep them in good condition. There is a common belief that dusting every few weeks or months will do the trick, but that can’t be further from the truth.

Wooden pieces are very fragile when it comes to temperature changes, humidity, and lighting. Therefore, you should engage in extensive cleaning of all wooden surfaces you own at your home. The text below will guide through the most important steps you should take in order to properly care for your furniture and accessories.

Avoid low quality household cleaners

It’s not true that everything that’s pricey guarantee quality, but it’s obvious that the cheapest cleaners will do more damage to your wooden items than making them better. That’s the reason why you should choose the solution without ammonia, so the damage in long run can be avoided. Always think about the surface you’re going to treat with a chemical since they’ll react differently.

Watch the finishing

Wooden furniture and accessories come in different styles, they’re made of various types of wood, and they have different composition and finishing. You should be aware of all these factors before engaging in cleaning action. It would be for the best that you speak to a company that sold you the piece or look at the documentation you’re received after the purchase.

Sunlight is a threat

While daylight is great for the tree while it’s alive, it doesn’t complement the piece of furniture. Direct sunlight will most likely make some damage on your wooden furniture, but make sure you also protect your photographs and paintings. Wooden surfaces can be ruined if they’ve been exposed to UV rays for a long time, so try to provide stable conditions for your furniture and accessories.

Moisture and temperature

The first step toward saving your fancy coffee table is to always use high-quality coasters. Cold glasses will condensate and leave you an ugly mark all over the wooden surface. You already know that wood has a tendency to expand after absorbing moisture, so make sure the temperature and humidity in your house are around normal values.

Engage in polishing

There are times when prevention won’t help and you’ll get some marks all over your precious wooden surfaces. There is a method that’s commonly used for keeping chess sets in a good condition. You’ll just need a cotton cloth and a solution made of water and white vinegar. Use this recipe for cleaning all wooden accessories, and surfaces with delicate finishing.

Final thoughts

It’s obvious that every living space become warmer if it has a lot of wooden items, and that beauty comes with a price. Luckily, it’s not that hard to keep your furniture in a healthy condition. You just need some time and a few useful tips. Give your best to keep your wooden items in the best possible condition so you can enjoy them for a long time.


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