Wood Veneer, an Option to Make a More Beautiful and Durable Flooring

What Is Wood Veneer?

Veneer is actually the finest piece of wood that is cut from a log or any thick piece of wood.

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The main difference between solid wood and this is that the solid wood is sewn from a log. By cutting out the veneer you are making a lot of benefit out of a tree log that is the most precious thing of the nature. No other natural product has this wide range of variety that comes from the woods. No other natural product has this unique value or facilities that come with this product. This material has extremely exquisite and sustainable values. In the market of wooden furniture and floorings, the demand for high quality veneers is quite high.

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Veneer Applications:

  • Wood veneer is mainly used as the material for the interior decoration of the different applications of kitchen and living room. It is ideal for any kind of residential and hotel projects. Veneer can also be used to produce a large number of products such as veneer sheets, wood veneer wallpaper. These are widely used to make furniture and flooring. In a word veneer can be considered as the crafting material for the interior decoration of the house. Most of the wood veneers have many types of species that comes from various types of standard woods. The thickness of the veneer depends upon the species of the woods from which it was cut.
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  • Every wood is different so it is sure that each veneer is unique and of different kind. To maintain the uniformity of veneer it is essential to maintain the uniformity of the cutting of the veneer. After all, the veneers are not cheap or artificial materials like plywood or laminate sheets. Wood is the real deal and there is no other material as unique as wood. Furniture made up of veneer makes the room looks beautiful and gorgeous. The color of these sliced woods should be chosen on the basis of the color of the light that you prefer within your room.
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  • The wooden structure for the veneer is very much distinct from other variations of wooden materials. The color scheme is developed to enhance the warmth of the room and gives the feeling of a real wooden touch. These are quite durable as well. The ability to renovate and repair remains at the customers hand and it is also very easy to maintain.
  • Generally the wood veneers is used to give the flooring or other furniture a look of pure wooden finish, which looks extremely sophisticated.

Advantages of Wood Veneer:

  • The most excellent and attractive logs are slashed into veneer. This is mostly a monetary decision through which sellers and veneer producers are able to create more money from an elevated class of log. The logs sliced into veneer are more profitable than cutting it into boards. And certain slices, such as burls, are structurally unstable when it comes to the solidity. These good-looking woods can hardly be utilized except for the purpose of cutting into veneer.
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  • Since veneer is glued with a water-resistant bonding agent to steady substrates, so they do not tend to detach from the surface that easily.
  • Plywood and average thickness fiberboards are substrates that are used for furnishings. These are prepared from trees of low pedigrees which produce inferior woods. But the veneers are always cut from the most superior tree trunks. This makes the veneers even stronger and durable. Quite surprisingly these veneers are quite economical when compared to other variants of wooden materials. Hence, veneers offer durability, stability and also affordability. In the present market every person wants to use veneers for their furniture and flooring.

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