Worldly Centerpieces to Reanimate Your Home and Garden

Nothing quite completes a home like a mysterious centerpiece, or a powerfully enticing ornament. For the most sensational of home décor, it is inevitable that we look to the rest of the world for the touch of the original and adventurous. Take a peek at the sort of worldly treasures you can find to make your home that little bit more interesting and unique.

The Vase: A Storyteller

Amongst many talented potters in the world, Chinese, Japanese and Greek cultures have all produced fantastically intricate vases; not only do they boast unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail, but they speak for themselves.

Antique vases are often extravagantly decorated with stories and come in tasteful and sensitive colors. These practical pieces can stand proudly in a bathroom window or accompany the phone atop a dresser, and if you choose, can be decorated with fresh flowers to compliment the color palette in your home.

‘Olde Englishe’ Bar Features

The vintage market boasts an inspiring collection of old bar stools, coffee tables, and wall hangings – all of which will bring a wonderfully old-world rustic feel to you home and back yard. Vintage websites such as Weston Table offer homely pieces and garden treasures such as these to give your personal space a touch of sentiment; the warm honey-colored and rich varnish woods used in English bar furniture are certain to liven up your patio. A vintage English dart board could also be placed inside the house or against the garden shed as a definite party pleaser for any gathering.

The Coffee Plant

Are you a fan of coffee? It is a relatively unknown fact that you can grow your own coffea arabica within the confines of your home. Surprisingly easy to grow, the coffee plant sports a strong green foliage and will begin to gift you with delicious coffee beans after a few years of care. Proud coffee plant growers will tell you that the best coffee you will ever drink will probably come from a home-nurtured plant, so there’s absolutely no excuse not to invest in a wonderful little plant to grow in any room in the house.

Antique French Wicker Baskets

With their delightful shape and practicality, old French wicker baskets can be used around the home to store magazines, bottles of wine, or champagne, and will fit in beautifully with wooden furniture for an open-fire home feel. Vintage bicycle baskets are also worth looking out for, as they make intriguing indoor or outdoor planters to show off your favorite flowers.

Vintage Pails

A gorgeous colored garden pail will do wonders to a crop of bulging flowers, and will make you garden look glorious and full of life. Brightly colored Chinese apple picking buckets also make stylish flower pots for a thick flower arrangements, which will be dazzling enough to stand alone as a centerpiece for the patio.

Something from the Past

Antique American quilting items and throws can make a delicate addition to a warm and inviting home. With the wide range of color palettes and fabrics used in these high quality pieces, you’re bound to find a stunning vintage throw to complement your couch.

South African Paddle Plant

For an exciting and unique centerpiece for the home, raising an unusual plant such as the paddle plant will astound guests with its unusual shape and vivid color. Surprisingly easy to grow in non-African climates, this versatile plant will happily grow inside your home and make a centerpiece definitely worth talking about.

Arte Itallica Tableware

Gorgeous, delicate and intricate celebrations of Italian culture and art, these table sets will make a striking addition to any home and will certainly be the envy of guests. These sets are available in a range of delicate accents, from mellow golds and pearl-whites, to Chinese blue and hints of the botanical.

Antique Cocktail Shakers

An item which was popularly produced during the great Depression, the vintage cocktail shaker can be displayed to add a little old world gleam to your shelves. These shakers also tend to come in sets with matching glasses and serving tray, which would make an astonishing piece to show off in your kitchen or in the cabinet.

Hopefully these ideas have inspired some thought-provoking and exciting pieces for your home. Take a look at the wide selection of antique and vintage items which are available, and you’ll be well on your way to having a stimulating gallery of history, beauty, and culture, right inside your home.


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