Perfect Bed for You

Your bed is more exciting than you think.

Many design elements in the bedroom are designed to be adaptable, so why does the bed have to be “static?”

A bedroom that is the perfect sleep environment is something we all strive to create. Central to this haven of sleep is the mattress, dedicated to sleep and relaxation (and sometimes other things). We put care into the lighting, the texture of fabrics, pillow choice, the tread count, room temperature to make our setting just right for sleep. These things can all change and adapt for our mood or our purpose, but until now the mattress was a fixed purchase and always stayed the same.

Perfect Bed for You

The next generation of mattress is here. With the newest design and technologies, the surface can change from soft, medium or firm. This adaptability changes the way we think about mattresses and our comfort, and ultimately offers us more ways to a better night’s sleep. Not only have mattresses changed in the way they are constructed, the way we purchase, with online purchasing and delivered in a box to your door making it even easier to have the mattress of your dreams.

As the trend of better sleep health is on the rise, experts agree the mattress plays an essential role in providing the perfect sleep environment. A comfortable and cozy bed is the foundation for a great night’s sleep, making for better days and many consumers find their bed, which may have suited them during one time of their life, no longer meets their needs, and that is when an adjustable mattress can make a difference. Factors that may affect our requirements for softness or firmness in a mattress include weight gain or loss, pregnancy, sleep habits, injury or illness, or simply a change in the feeling of the surface underneath us when we sleep.

The sleep experts at Luxi have designed the only foam mattress that adjusts to soft, medium or firm depending on the user’s sleep style and preferences – both sides. The Luxi mattress is an adjustable and adaptable design that breaks out of the “one-size-fits-all” model of the first generation of online mattresses. Rated the #1 performance mattress by The Sleep Sherpa, the Luxi mattress features an exclusive foam technology that offers a variety of benefits that doesn’t break the bank.

Here’s the Luxi video – A fun way to show how easily you can change the softness setting and how the mattress works for couples sleeping together that have different softness preferences.

Luxi is a high performance luxury mattress because of its foam technology, adjustability and adaptability, its sourcing of the highest quality raw materials, and its superior packaging and shipping methods; and is a manufacturer not an online-marketer, so that when consumers’ purchase from Luxi, they buy direct from the mattress maker instead of a marketing middleman, which ensures better quality control and customer service.

In support of Better Sleep Month Luxi is giving away a free mattress every Monday in May! To enter simply fill out the entry form at for up to five chances to win a free Luxi mattress – a winner will be drawn each week Monday starting May 2 during Better Sleep Month!

Luxi – A high performance luxury mattress that you buy online.



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