Your Guide to Staging Your Home: Top Tips for Showcasing Your Space

When it comes time to sell your home, it’s time to consider what prospective buyers will look for in your space. After all, what works for you may not be what prospective buyers want or need.

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When you sell your house, it’s crucial to make it inviting and appealing to as broad an audience as possible. The perfect home looks different to every person, which is why it’s essential to make your home appealing to a wide variety of preferences and lifestyles. 

From keeping things neutral to decluttering your belongings, here are some tips for staging your home to get the best possible price.

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Listen to Professional Advice

If you’re wondering how much or how little staging you need to do, listen to your real estate agent. A quality real estate agent like the ones at Shawn Lepp Group will be able to provide advice as to how to stage your home or whether you should bring in a professional staging company.

Get Scrubbing

With staging, most people think about the visual, but the scent of your home is equally important. Cleaning tackles both elements by ensuring that your home looks and smells fresh. Just be sure to avoid any particularly strong fragrances that may overpower the home and overwhelm visitors.

Do a deep clean of every part of your home, from the ceiling to the floor. Get into the corners and the tiny space between the cupboards and the stove. Everything in your home should look new.

Ensure you eliminate cooking odors, take out the garbage, and keep the kitty litter fresh. Few things turn off homebuyers faster than a stinky house.

Pack Away the Personal

To you, personal photos, collectibles, and knick-knacks are cherished memories of your life, but to buyers, your personal items are clutter and can make your home seem smaller and distract from the best features of your home. Not to mention, it can make it harder for others to imagine living in the house. If you don’t need something on a day-to-day basis, pack it away. 

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Give Purpose to Each Room

Every room in your home should have a specific function, as it helps potential buyers see the potential for the space – whether they intend to use it for the same purpose or not. If you have a junk room where unused belongings tend to end up, clear it out and make it into an office or guest room. 

Avoid leaving rooms empty as it makes the space look smaller, but don’t go too far by adding so much furniture it makes the area feel crowded and cluttered. Keep it balanced.

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Neutralize Your Palette

Throwing on a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to spruce up your home. Color preferences are highly personal, so it’s best to keep things warm and neutral, like taupe or grey. Light colors also open the space more and make your home feel bigger.  

Our homes are deeply personal spaces, but when it’s time to sell, it’s important to keep them as neutral as possible for other people to envision living their own lives there.


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