Your Ultimate Bed Frame Buying Guide

Bed frames go beyond holding your mattresses.

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It can also act as a focal point in your home, turning it into a stylish place to live. That’s why you should always choose a stylish bed frame. Choose a bed frame that complements your home’s decor. Here are sure tips for purchasing the right bed frame for your home.

Consider Mattress Size

The comfort of your bed doesn’t stop at the mattress. It goes beyond the type of mattress you purchase. A quality bed frame will make your nights comfy and exciting.

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Thus, selecting the right bed frame is key. So, when shopping around for the right bed frame, think about the mattress size. For example, a full-sized mattress works best with double bed frames. On the other hand, queen-sized beds should be paired with queen-sized frames. Thus, study the type of mattress you have. Is it California king? Do you have the Easter king kind mattress? Remember, different beds require different bed frames. Thus, don’t make the mistake of blindly purchasing your bedframe. Choose a bed frame that makes you comfortable. After all, it’s all about your comfort. Thus, let it emanate from the bedframe you purchase. For more comfort, choose ottoman beds with LED lights.

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Room Size

The biggest piece of furniture you have is the bed. Getting it wrong with the bed size can easily overpower this space, making it look congested and clumsy. Thus, it’s important to measure your room first. The best way to measure it is by placing the mattress on the floor. If the space looks too congested, opt for smaller meatal beds bed frames. Preferably, select a simple platform-based bed frame. They are effective in saving space. For more storage space, choose bed frames with drawers.

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Platform Bed Versus Box Spring

There are several platform beds on the market. All that is required is a good mattress. That’s why purchasing a platform bed is a prudent idea. It’s important to note that certain platform beds come with box springs. However, it’s important to make a wise decision. So, it’s platform versus box spring. Straight to the point—platform beds offer a hard foundation. That’s why you should seriously consider platform beds.

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Bed Height, Weight

Another important factor you should consider is the height as well as bed bulkiness. For those looking for more drama, go tall beds. However, ensure that your bedroom has a high ceiling. If the ceiling is low, go for low-height beds. Remember, you shouldn’t bring in a bed frame that clogs the room. If you are looking for a bulky bed, ensure that it comes with a bookshelf. It will offer your room a better foundation.

Other Ideas

  • Your bed frame should match your room’s décor style
  • Bring in a daybed into the guest room

The Bottom—Line

Finally, you have decided that your home needs a bed frame. Well, that’s a very nice move. However, where are you going to start from? Remember, there are several bed frames out there. Well, the above tip and tricks will help you secure the right bed frame


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