Zen Swaddle’s top 8 benefits

1: Allows you to sleep longer by mimicking your touch

Human brains respond to touch by self-soothing. Blood pressure and cortisol levels are lowered, heart rate is stabilised, and blood pressure is lowered.

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A soothing response can also be triggered by applying gentle pressure to lightly weighted objects.

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By mimicking a parent’s touch, the weight of the Zen Swaddle helps babies fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and self-soothe when awake.

This is a great product nestedbean.com very easy to use. I ordered it for our 3rd daughter and she loves it. The material is awesome – lightweight, breathable, and easy to wash. The Zen Swaddle is the perfect swaddle, and I have recommended it to all my friends who are expecting babies or are new moms.

2:  Designed to last twice as long as its predecessor

Growing up is a fast process for babies. It is not uncommon for parents to find themselves with clothes in small sizes that don’t fit after a few weeks. Zen Swaddles have been designed for longevity with multiple sizes so that parents can get more for their money. During the first few weeks, the inside pouch helps secure legs, while the outer sack provides room for growth in the coming months – so the Zen Swaddle can serve as both a newborn swaddle and a baby swaddle.

3: Self-fastener with hook and loop

Zen Swaddle does not require any origami expertise. Featuring a self-fastening hook and loop design, moms love its soft fabric and easy-to-use design. You won’t need to worry about loose blankets in your baby’s crib again because the quiet, high-quality self-fastener won’t scratch or catch lint. 

4: The arms of the baby can be swaddled in or out

There is no need to use your arms when using the Zen Swaddle. Swaddled babies, especially as they grow out of the Moro reflex, can still benefit from the soothing effects of swaddling with a gently weighted blanket. Using the Zen Swaddle will help relax your baby and promote longer sleep by gently applying pressure to the chest and sides.

5: Colic is eased by gentle weight

When colic strikes, parents often use white noise, an aeroplane hold, or sleeping on top of their baby to add light pressure to their belly. Parenting can be made safer with the Zen Swaddle. The lightly-weighted centre applies gentle pressure just where there is discomfort, which helps ease colic pain and provide comfort. 

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6: Healthy swaddling for hips

Hip dysplasia can be caused by swaddling incorrectly. A baby’s hips can be permanently damaged if they are swaddled too tightly around the waist. Your baby will be able to safely bend and move their legs while still being held firmly where it matters with the Zen Swaddle.

Research has shown that straightening and tightly wrapping a baby’s legs can lead to hip dysplasia or dislocation. ‘Hip-healthy swaddling’, promoted by the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America and the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Section on Orthopaedics, allows the baby’s legs to bend up and out.”

7: Reduces the Moro reflex

Your baby will sleep through startles using the Zen Swaddle, since it is constructed with patented touch technology.

8: Makes transitioning to a crib or bassinet easier

Are you having trouble transitioning your baby from your arms to the crib? It’s okay to feel lonely. Despite your best efforts, babies just know when they are placed on their own and away from your cosy embrace (who can blame them?).

It is not uncommon for parents to hold their baby’s chest for a long time, just waiting for signs of sleep. Even when your hand is moved away from the baby, the Zen Swaddle mimics the feel of your touch.


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