10 Awesome Exterior Design Ideas

When designing your home and making it your own, you can’t forget about the exterior. With a little bit of time, you can take an outdoor space from boring to “wow”, and impress guests with your ideas. Check out these 10 awesome exterior design ideas to completely transform your space and turn your home into the coolest one on the block.

Fresh Paint


A great exterior design starts with a fresh coat of paint. Choose outdoor paint colors that are clean yet bold to really make a statement. Try a dark hue such as charcoal for the majority of the home exterior, and then add a crisp white trim and a bright door to add a pop of color.

Dual Tone Decking


Instead of opting for the same old boring decking, change it up a bit with dual tones. If you have two decks, stain one darker than the other to create a sense of separation between the spaces. Only have one deck? Add a darker border around the lighter center planks to create a unique design.

Updated Wooden Pergola


Pergolas add shade, while at the same time serve as aesthetically pleasing architectural pieces. Thicker planks with a dark stain or paint appeal to more modern tastes, and can be decorated with hanging plants and strings of lights.


To make your property look great, you’ll need to properly landscape. Really take some time to think about a design that works for you, and then get yourself landscaping equipment to make large projects easier.

A good rule of thumb is to work with the shape of your yard so that everything you add looks more natural.


Outdoor Lighting

Lighting the exterior of your home gives an added layer of depth, and also makes seeing at night a bit easier. Focus outdoor lighting onto your house itself, as well as along any pathways. You can also hang more decorative lighting pieces in the outdoor living spaces to create a warm ambiance.


Cozy Fireplace

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, adding a fireplace is a great idea. You can opt for a modern design with concrete or a more natural look with stone. It will serve as a focal point for your space and add warmth on cold nights.


Modern Fence

Fences are essential for added privacy and security, and they can look great too. Modern, horizontal planked fence panels are the way to go when making your home exterior look awesome since they stray from the more overused, run of the mill designs.

Just as you would with a deck, choose a stain or paint that enhances the color of your home and the landscaping.


Seating and Furniture

An inexpensive way to transform an outdoor space is with furniture and seating additions. You can go for a built-in look with benches along the home walls, and then add other furniture pieces such as lounge chairs, sofas, and ottomans.

Make sure whatever you choose is meant for the outdoors and is weatherproofed. Add pops of color with the cushions and throw pillows so that you don’t end up with a bland look.


Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

If you tend to do a lot of outdoor entertaining, then investing in a kitchen and bar is a smart idea. Not only will it add counter space and seating, but it will also serve to protect your grill during inclement weather.

Again, you can really make this piece your own with either a modern or rustic look, and you can add a sink, fridge, or even tap system for beer.


Herb Wall

To add a bit of texture to the exterior of your home, think about building an herb wall. This vertical garden option will take up minimal space but will provide you with ingredients for cooking, as well as a fresh fragrance around your outdoor living area.



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