6 Easy Tips for Getting a Winter Ready Closet

Time passes by so quickly; winter followed by spring, summer, autumn and here comes winter ready to take over once again. This seemingly simple and unstoppable cycle of time interpreted to us as seasonal patterns continues till the end of our lives. And we try to plan our activities according to these changing patterns. So, when you know that right after the fall, winter will be here to stay for quite some time, you better gear up accordingly if you want to stay away from any trouble later on. Fact of the matter is that majority of people focus their attention on major aspects of dealing with winters like checking and fixing any leaks and cracks in ceilings and walls, fixing broken windowpanes, checking heating systems, mending radiators and so forth, while overlooking other aspects of welcoming winters, such as the meagre but essential task of getting a winter ready closet. So, listed below are 6 easy tips for getting a winter ready closet.

Winter Ready Closet


1          Getting a winter ready closet starts by sorting out summer clothes; the ones that you won’t need for a long time to come. Segregate them from the ones to be used in winters.

2          If you are lucky enough to have a closet spacious enough to let you fit everything in it, the proceedings shall be very convenient to you. However, if you do not have enough space at your disposal in your closet, you better get some special bags for clothes from your nearest shopping mart, so that your unused clothes remain safe and sound till you need them in next summer again. Seal them in those bags to be stored at an appropriate place.

3          While sorting your summer essentials out, make sure not to forget about taking care of your summer shoes. You need to store them in hard cartons and put them in stacks. Or, you may put all of your summer shoes together in a big carton and store it in the loft, so that you get much needed space freed in your closet.

special bags for clothesSpecial-bags-clothes

4          You could do a big favour to yourself by getting one of those contemporary storage beds if you live in a small place. Such hidden storage spaces sever really handy in taking care of this type of seasonal cleanups. Even if you do not own one such bed, there is a high probability that your bed still has enough of unused space underneath it. Your clothes that need hanging can be stored very conveniently in such under-bed storage spaces. If you have a storage bed, that’s great; simply seal such clothes in those dust proof bags and lay them in there. But if you do not enjoy the luxury of a storage bed, you can resort to packing cartons of big size and push them under the bed to store to-be-hanged clothes.

5          Before you store your stuff in a designated place, make sure that place is cleaned, ventilated and totally free of moisture.

6          Similarly, you can vacuum your closet before you rearrange it for winter clothing, so that there is nothing to worry about.

Storage bed for small spaceStorage-bed-for-small-space


Though it takes some effort in this type of seasonal cleanups, but it makes your life much easier and delightful all through the coming season. So, simply follow the easy tips mentioned above to get a winter ready wardrobe.




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