10 Best Style Tips to Help Sell Your Home Fast

We all know depersonalization is the golden rule of getting your house sale-ready.

And yes, this means the batik wall hanging you bought on holiday must go. And, anything else that screams you at the buyer.

Sure, there’s no denying that when it comes to design tastes, we all have our own ideas.

But if you want to sell your home quickly (and avoid languishing on the market losing value) it’s worthwhile giving your home a makeover to increase its appealing to prospective buyers.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. By just adding a few touches here and there, you can make your home look stylish, on-trend and modern.

Here are ten amazing style tips to help you attract more house buyers and get a quick sale.

  • Go minimal

More than just decluttering your home, making it look minimal means embracing the idea of less is more

Just remember to keep your styling simple and functional—this will help enlarge the space. 

Clear all surfaces, including kitchen worktops and hide appliances so you don’t have any eyesores. 

By making the space more streamlined, not only is it easier to navigate but it also makes it far more relaxing and enjoyable, which your buyers will like.

  • Apply a neutral but rich colour palette

Yes, go minimal, but this doesn’t mean everything has to be black and white or magnolia. Instead, add tone by throwing in a splash of colour (just don’t paint your entire kitchen bright pink), with an accent wall or a bright rug.  A good combination is mix light shades with deeper ones to create more depth and character to a room.

  • Use natural materials

Today’s house buyers are environmentally conscious, so they prefer to use sustainable materials in their homes. Not only are green material processed so are less damaging to the environment, but they also tend to be more durable and longer-lasting. 

Most common natural materials used in the home include wood, stone, marble, clay, bamboo and mental. 

  • Add artisan light fixtures

More than just nicely designed products, artisan light fixtures create a great focal point. Usually handcrafted from sustainable materials like glass or ceramics, artisan products also bring a cultural heritage that adds depth and meaning. 

  • Make your kitchen modern

The kitchen remains the heart of the home and today’s’ buyers want it to be modern, minimal and homely. To combine these contrasting functions requires bringing together the old with the new—like stainless steel panels alongside clay tiling or a traditional country house sink with mismatched metal taps. And, if your kitchen is monochrome, consider adding a splash of colour by purchasing coloured pots and pans or installing a bright yellow or red oven door to help jazz up your kitchen further.

  • Bring some brass

Brass brings a little old-fashioned elegance making it a favourite style trend right now. And, there are lots of ways to use it in your home from lighting fixtures made from brush brass to taps and kitchen door handles

  • Arrange your furniture with a purpose

Arrange your furniture to align with the purpose of the space. For instance, don’t the running machine in your living room or an office desk in your bedroom. 

  • Mix vintage with modern

As much as buyers are attracted to contemporary design, there’s a growing popularity for having some old-world charm in your home. Alongside your modern interiors consider adding a statement antique or vintage patinated furnishings.

  • Add a little geometry

Particularly if you want to add character to your bathroom, geometric tiling works as a great alternative to the usual plain white. Or in the living room, go for patterned rugs or parquet flooring to add character.

  • Think textures, not just colours

Imagine shaggy rugs on cherry wood flooring, shelving made from reclaimed, ceramic art or velvet cushions—these add a feeling of warmth and homeliness and contrast nicely against the sleek lines of minimalism giving your space more flow. 

Need help selling your home?

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