7 Things You Shouldn’t Store In Outdoor Storage Shed

1. Paints and Glues

I know when you’re done painting your house and when you have those half-filled or quarter filled buckets of paint left, you don’t feel like wasting them and throwing them away. So to convince yourself to store them you tell yourself that you will use them in the future which isn’t really true but still you end up storing these paint buckets into your shed, because obviously there’s no other place to store these ugly buckets.

But my fellow friends trust me an outdoor shed is not really the right place to store these paint buckets or even the left over glues because sheds have direct exposure to weather so it gets very hot in summers and very cold in winters which creates a moisture issue in it and due to this the paint tends to get separated and turn into curdled mess and glues become frozen and so becomes useless.

2. Canned Food

I know we all love storing our pet’s food bowl and canned food in the shed. Because it’s less messy and convenient but this is where we are wrong! Did you know that storing canned food in sheds is actually dangerous?

Because any container made of metal is damaged by rust if kept outdoor and this rust makes holes in the container and spoils the food inside. You don’t want your pet to get sick right? Also the temperature in the shed can cause the can to swell and if this happens it means the food inside has gone bad and contains bacteria which can have a reaction as serious as paralysis. So be cautious! 

3. Photos

We love to get our family photographs framed but even this is true that since we have a habit of getting a number of pictures framed and since we don’t have enough space to put them up so what we do is, throw the old ones in the storage shed. You’re not alone! But do you know that storing the photos in your outside shed means losing on those memories for forever? Because high humidity can cause the photographs to stick together and develop mold plus high temperature can interfere with the chemicals used for developing pictures and this can result in discoloration. Do you really want those colorful photographs to lose their colors and pixels?

4. Leather Furniture

It’s a big no because high temperature can cause it to develop mold and can also result in discoloration.

5. Artwork

Do you really want your master piece to expand or contract or get destroyed because of discoloration caused by heat and humid weather? Don’t forget the efforts you inputted in making that master piece.

6. Electronics

Remember high heat and humidity in outdoor settings result in an uninvited guest called rust? This rust destroys the internal wirings of electronics. So if you really want to keep the electronics safe and in a usable condition store it inside your house and if not then you’re welcome to store them in your outside shed.

7. Flammable substances

Heat will interfere with these flammable substances and cause them to explode. So do you really want your shed to burn down?

If you have made the mistake of storing the above things, your shed may be in bad shape. If you want to get rid of it, using professional junk removal services is a good option. You can look for shed removal prices from different trash hauler companies in your area for having a better idea. Moreover, it’s best to compare shed removal prices so that you may get the best deal. 


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