10 Characteristics of a Good Neighborhood

Buying or renting a home means that you will be becoming part of the neighborhood in which the home can be found. The yardstick used to measure the qualities of a good neighborhood is whether the neighborhood is in sync with your current lifestyle and caters to your needs at that specific point in time. There exists nothing like a perfect neighborhood, solely because not all areas are going to be a perfect fit for everyone and their unique needs.

People have different needs such as a single professional who works throughout the day may look for an apartment near their workplace and with easy access to restaurants where they can have their meals. It is also true for a family with school going children that will look for a home within the neighborhood of a good school and even a park for recreational activities. 

The following are the characteristics of a good neighborhood that you should have in mind when searching for a home. 

Plenty of Trees

Greenery characterized by the presence of many trees adds character and value to a neighborhood. Presence of large trees ensures that there is shade for a home during the hot summer months. 

A well-established neighborhood has a thriving and lush landscape characterized by a canopy of trees that have been growing for a long time. The green landscape provides serenity, beauty, and quiet in the neighborhood. 

Walkability/Ease of Movement without a Car 

The ease of movement through a neighborhood is an important factor when considering a neighborhood to move into. You should be able to move around without a car meaning that there are hiking trails or side streets for bicycles or a beautiful street lined by boutiques. 

It is a big plus if you can just leave the car behind and walk to parks, the market and to other amenities within the neighborhood. It helps when you can just hit the pavement or sidewalk headed to the shopping center, chosen public amenities, park, or restaurant. It is always an opportunity to get some physical exercise or simply fall in love with your neighborhood. 

Convenience in Getting Essentials

How to find a good neighborhood to live?  A good neighborhood should be within convenient access to shopping malls and centers and to essential services. You do not want to live in an area where you drive for 20 minutes just to get milk or bread, however modern and attractive a house is. The neighborhood should be within close proximity of pharmacies, grocery stores, banks, restaurants and retail services. 

Security and Safety

Every homeowner is concerned about the safety and security of the community or neighborhood they are becoming part of. Is it a neighborhood where you can allow your children to take a walk to the park or where you can walk alone at night? 

How to find a good neighborhood? People have shown greater preference for gated communities where they are assured of their security and that of their families. Gated communities can be more expensive since security is beefed up and you can be sure there will be no trespassers. 

Besides finding a house within a gated community, you will want to be assured that the general neighborhood is safe and secure. The gated community can be an island of safety within a crime-infested neighborhood which means that you are not safe every time you step out of the gate. 

Wide Range of Housing Options

A good neighborhood should have a wide range of housing options right from small studio apartments to the big homes. That means, if you are moving out and want to find a small apartment close to the family home, then a good neighborhood should offer all these options. 

The great neighborhoods offer pride of ownership borne out of the fact that you could find a dream home. Learn more about housing options available to you and the good neighborhoods in Canada. Homeowners or renters who have that pride of ownership maintain their home and generally care about their neighborhood. They are more willing to connect and participate in local groups and activities for the betterment of the neighborhood.

Availability of Public Services and Amenities

People want to live in good neighborhoods that are near a green park where they can get involved in recreational activities or simply chill, where there’s a nearby police station, fire station, public transportation, and any other public services. In case an emergency happens, you can have the police and the fire department responding within the quickest time possible. 

The ease of access to public transportation is always a good thing for all types of people and even different lifestyles. Public transport is always an option right from a commuting millennial to the retiree who doesn’t want to use the car.

Lifestyle Match

A good neighborhood is one that is in sync with your current lifestyle. Most people, irrespective of whether they are renters or homebuyers, will tend to gravitate towards neighborhoods that have similar demographics. For example, a young and single professional will find it difficult to fit into a gated community in a suburban just as a family of three small children will find it difficult to live in a condo in a hip neighborhood. 

Good Schools

For homeowners who have school going children, a neighborhood that has good schools will be ideal. Such people will look for schools that are highly rated and well-reviewed by other parents in the neighborhood or district. Another advantage of having good schools in the neighborhood is that they make it more valuable which keep property values strong. 

Access to Medical Care

Access to medical care is another consideration to make when choosing a neighborhood to settle with the family. It is an important consideration for families with young children and especially for retirees and seniors. For such groups of people, the ease of getting to a doctor’s office or health facility will determine the suitability of a neighborhood. 

Presence of Outdoor Activities

You will hear people raving about their neighborhoods especially when they have close access to places they can keep practicing and enjoying their hobbies. Some considerations will include proximity and easy access to gold courses, tennis courts, trails where you can jog, beaches where people can surf or sail, and many other facilities that support outdoor activities. 

In conclusion, the good neighborhoods are not just great by coincidence. It is always the result of many factors coming together such as appealing looks both for homes and surrounding environment, safety and low crime rates, mobility, support of diversity and creativity, and where people participate in community life and care for each other. 


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