Don’t be afraid of colour in your home

Walking into a paint shop announcing to want to purchase enough turquoise paint to paint all four walls might feel like a far-fetched scenario. An accent wall maybe. But all four walls? No.

Think again. We’ve teamed up with experts from Bespoke Interiors Newcastle to show you five tips, how you can bring bright and fun colours into your home without making your house look like Skittles exploded all over it.

Forget accent walls, say hello to bright wall colours

Painting your walls a bright colour might feel like a commitment most people are not ready to make.  However, it doesn’t have to be one. The trick is to keep the rest of the furnishing neutral colours keeping it simple and clutter free.

Pay a visit to the local market

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Accessories are a very simple, cost-effective way of adding a dash of colour to your home. Venture out of your comfort zone with some Moroccan inspired brightly coloured cushions for your living room or maybe bright flowers (real or foe) for your bedroom or use your fruit/veggie bowl as an accessory in the kitchen to add splashes of those beautiful colours.

Put some colour on the floor

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Utilise the space you have in your home without rearranging your room that’s oh-so-carefully feng shui aranged. Add a pop of colour and texture with a rug to instantly brighten up the living space.

Shelf away your colour worries

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You can easily brighten up a rather boring room by painting the insides of your shelving unit. You might also want to consider lining it with some beautifully patterned wallpaper to add an accent of texture as well as colour.

Put a spring in your step

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If you happen to have a set of stairs in your home, jazzing them up is an excellent opportunity to add some colour to your home. You can do this by simply painting them or using some wallpaper to match them up perfectly with your living room cushions.


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